Tiny USB Office – Portable Office Suite With Many Useful Applications

Tiny USB Office – Portable Office Suite With Many Useful Applications

Do you love to have an Office suite which is around 2.5MB in size? Then you should check out Tiny USB Office. Tiny USB Office is a small and improved productivity office suite. It consists of many useful standalone applications that you might need everytime. So you can carry them on your USB drive and use them on different machines without installation.

Tiny USB Office suite can be used to create word documents, transfer files, create Excel sheets, email your friends, chat on MSN, create PDF files etc.

Tiny USB Office - Portable Office Suit With Many Useful Applications

Tiny USB Office features many programs, which are accessible with one click with the included Qsel portable program launcher software:

PDF Producer – Create PDF files from Text files
Mempad – Tree-style outliner software
KPad – RTF Editor
CSVed – CSV file editor and Database creation tool
TedNotepad – Robust text editor with many features
Spread32 – mini-Excel with basic features
Qsel – Portable program launcher
100k Zipper – Basic Compression Utility
NPopUK – Email Client Software
PixaMSN – Tiny standalone MSN Messenger clone
DSdel – Secure file shredder Software
HFS – HTTP File Server to send and receive files
DScrypt – Text encryption program
FTP Wanderer – File Transfer Utility
EVE Vector Editor – Flowchart Creation Application
XPass – Password Recovery tool

You can carry Tiny USB Office in your USB as it occupies very less space. I can strongly tell you that it will be very useful and handy.

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