Some Of The Best Tweaks & Apps For Windows Mobile

Some Of The Best Tweaks & Apps For Windows Mobile

Top 5 Tweaks For Windows Mobile

Windows mobile are now penetrating in the market with a rapid speed. Here we have gathered the top 5 list of interesting tweaks and applications for Windows Mobile phone.


SRS WOW HD audio

SRS WOW HD audio is a must have if you are having a Windows Mobile 6 device for listening music. SRS WOW HD is a freeware software and it enhances the audio quality of your Windows Mobile phone. Through this you can get sound the best through the speaker or ear plugs of your phone. You can actually hear the full and rich bass through it. Faders are there and you can slide it as per your personal taste. Believe me, it does gives a hell of a difference.

TCPMP video player

TCPMP video player is the best for those who like to watch movies, clips and recorded TV on their Windows Mobile phones. TCPMP is recognized globally as one of the best video players having a downloadable codes such as DivX, XviD, MPEG2. With its smart technology, TCPMP video player is the best and the smoothest video playback. The big advantage of this is that you can watch a full movie without even a single frame skips on your phone.

Opera Mobile 9.5

On internet it is a war of browsers these days. The updation of Pocket Internet Explorer will be taking place soon. Microsoft will be coming up with IE6 technology and mobile surfers can’t wait further for the Skyfire browser. Meanwhile, the Opera Mobile 9.5 is the best mobile browser for all Windows Mobile. Though it is in a beta form now, but still it offers a great internet experience on phone with easy tap-to-zoom functions, Javascript and embedded Flash support.


MyMobiler in fact is an installed application that helps you control your Windows Mobile phone from your computer. Isn’t that interesting?

After you connect the phone to the computer, you get a live screenshot of the phone on the computer display. Here, with the help of your computer mouse you can control the phone in this live screenshot.

MyMobiler can also be setup in the phone as a secondary display and through this you can move the mouse cursor to the border of your pc display and the cursor also moves over the screen of your phone. It helps in sending fast text messages.

PocketCM keyboard

PocketCM keyboard or better known as PCM helps in helps in easy text input in mobile phones. This PCM keyboard is easily customizable with skins and also layout files. iPhone look-a-like skin is the most in demand. It shows a zoom of every letter which you wish to type above your fingertip. The default keyboard is SIPChange. For any type of problem just switch on to the default SIP (Soft Input Panel).

I Speak

There are many more interesting tweaks and apps in the market such as MoDaCo NoData, SMS shortcut, Toggle Bluetooth, Google Maps and more. We may carry those articles in our future posts. May be very soon.

Till then do keep reading and do keep commenting. Oh! yes, also do share any interesting Windows Mobile phones tweaks and apps.


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