Get Desktop Browser Experience on Windows & Symbian Mobiles with Skyfire

Get Desktop Browser Experience on Windows & Symbian Mobiles with Skyfire

If you need a freeware web browser for your Windows Mobile or Symbian Mobile then just try out Skyfire. Skyfire is a free web browser for your mobiles that allows you to experience the best web action on your phone. Instead of watching the mobile web you can actually view the full web site from your mobile phone as you see it on your PC. The best thing about skyfire is that it uses an intermediate server to compress the page and then renders it on the mobile device.


With Skyfire you can easily watch YouTube videos, listen to music, play flash videos and stay connected with your friends. Skyfire can render the pages very quickly because of its compression technology. So you can enjoy full-fledged Internet browsing over your mobile. Skyfire supports desktop version of Adobe Flash applications which will help you to enjoy all the websites as if you were on your PC. So sites, including those that serve-up video, music and others are rendered exactly as you would expect. Skyfire also supports Ajax, Silverlight, QuickTime and many more.


Skyfire’s full screen mode, zoom, thumbnails and other quick search features will help you to enjoy rich web experience on your mobile. You also have links to the most visited sites on the home page. You also have bookmarks and history for your convenience. Skyfire is available for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 (3rd edition).

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