Play MP3, AAC* and OGG Files On Symbian & Windows Mobile With LCG Jukebox

There are many audio players for Mobiles. But recently I downloaded LCG Jukebox. I really loved the player because of it’s excellent features. LCG Jukebox is designed to suit all the music lovers. LCG Jukebox is a music player for Symbian phones and Windows Mobiles.

With the help of this application you can also search the Internet for audio songs. Apart from the songs you can also search for Lyrics and display them when you are playing an audio song. The best things I liked about LCG Jukebox is it’s 100 level volume control and mini mode which is displayed on the idle screen.

• Excellent sound quality.
• Comfortable playlist management.
• Easy music selection.
• Easy Internet streaming.
• Can find album image and song lyrics on the Internet.
• If device supports stereo then, there is high quality stereo playback.
• Music formats – Mp3 and OGG & AAC.
• Good volume control – 100 levels from silence to loudness.
• Timer for sleeping can be set so that you can asleep listening music.
• Several presets with 10-band equalizer.
• To add, remove, save, load or order your songs, Playlist editor is available.
• Available in customizable colors.
• Display and search of lyrics is possible.
• Playback is possible in normal or random order.
• On the idle screen of the phone mini mode is displayed.

Download for Symbian phones HERE

Download for Windows Mobiles HERE

If you are using the application please send your comments..

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  1. Is there an alternative version or a different player for the Motorola ROKR E6 which runs on Linux. Please let me know if you come across any that works and works well…

  2. @moserw

    I heard about a player called “ZM Player” for Motorola ROKR E6..

  3. ce mp3 player trebuie sa folosesc si eu ptnokia n-gage?

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