Examine Power Consumption of S60 Devices With Nokia Energy Profiler

If you are a Symbian Application developer or a huge fan then you will love the Nokia Energy Profiler. Nokia Energy Profiler is a freeware application from Nokia which can be used to examine the power consumption and other parameters of your device.


You can use the Nokia Energy Profiler v1.2 to monitor your application’s energy usage in real time. I tried it on my Nokia 5800 to see which applications are using the maximum amount of power. The latest version of Energy Profiler supports touch UI, capture of WLAN received signal strength and 3G cellular network T1 and T2 timers. You can also export the output to CSV format. Nokia Energy Profiler will definitely help the application developers to develop better applications that consumes lesser energy. It works on S60 5th Edition and S60 3rd Edition devices.

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