Download Free Games for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Mobile

Download Free Games for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Mobile

I really love to play games on mobile phones. Recently I got a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Mobile and it has got 2 games, Bounce Touch and Raging Thunder GR. I really loved the two games but was also looking for some other games which uses the Touch Screen feature of Nokia 5800 XM mobile. Luckily after searching for a while I was able to find some cool games for my Nokia 5800 mobile. The problem is that there are not many games that are developed for the Nokia S60 5th Edition Mobiles.

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Meteor Arkanoid for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

This game is similar to the Blasterball game that we play on the PC. All you need to do is break all the bricks with the ball without allowing it to touch the base. You can use the touch screen feature of Nokia 5800 to move the slider. Though the game looks cool it is not very speedy. They should have used the orientation sensor to control the base. But the graphics in the game are very good.

Marble Maze for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

After downloading this game I was playing it for almost one hour everyday. This game is really very addictive. Marble Maze is similar to the many labyrinth games. The best feature of this game is that it utilizes the orientation sensor built inside the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. So you will actually control the ball in a labyrinth by tilting the Nokia 5800 mobile in your hands and lead the ball into a goal. There are 40 different labyrinths to solve(Currently I completed 20 levels). There are 3 different types of balls for you to choose metal ball, rubber ball and super pingpong ball. It is very difficult to control the rubber ball and super pingpong ball so I always play the game with metal ball.


  1. Parham

    Marble Maze only load on Indian sim cards. Can you find and put this game for any type of sim cards?
    Thenks alot.

  2. sepehr

    i’m iranian.
    nokia 5800 expressmusic is the best.
    please give us the thems for it.

  3. weedman509

    To all newbs, A mobile game is in the file format .jar
    So all you have to do is to search for for example:
    Townsmen 3 .jar
    Nokia 5800 games .jar

    And download to youre computer (all done on computer)
    The you send them from youre bluetooth to youre mobile
    and there you go, and belive me its not MAGIC! just sexeh

    Peace out

  4. Pecasan


  5. Pecasan

    How to Fix the ‘Expired Certificate’ Problem in Nokia 5800 ===

  6. badr

    the first game worked on my fine but marble maze didnt it just returns to the application screen

  7. tarek l'Algerien

    Nokia 5800 expressmusic is the best phone ever ya sayed HACHEMI can you send me applications games any thing to my email pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz

  8. MaximaxII

    Marble Maze doesn’t work (and I’m apparently not the only one)
    How can I delete it? – I saved it on my memory card.
    Thanks anyway for the other game – it’s nice.

  9. tejbir kadian

    i have perchase nokia 5800Xpressmusic but Dealer not give me Head phone. that time i donot know headphone free with this set. Give me sugg.

  10. mahalea

    well,the games are interesting, but. sad to say, the marble maze is not working… It is the most interesting. Hope u can find the missing components to run the exe. Thanks.

  11. Cheryl

    i tried the marble maze and installed it…but when i tried to run it… the screen went black and went back to the original screen…HELP

  12. alistair fochriw

    hi can anyone tell me how to bluetooth songs that i had from my music on nokia 5800 xpress the phone will not allow me to send thanks

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