T-Mobile SideKick 3 Review, Features And Specs

When talking about cell phones then one of the most famous categories that comes in the front is the PDA category. This has been made more flexible now and that has made it not just a business phone category but along with that these are also being used by teenagers and other people. And that means more competitions in the process of installing new features in cell phones,

What a good phone is?

And not only has the question remained of just stuffing the mobile with latest features but also to keep the design compact and sexy. And this s not as easy as it sounds. With the advancement in technology most of the cool designs have already been released in the market but still there are some great companies which manage to give us astounding cell phones. And one of the companies to be doing that is T-Mobile. They have many of their sub-brands and one of the greatest is the T-Mobile SideKick. This cell phone has been one of the most spectacular of the gadgets roaming the market.

t mobile sidekick 3

Features of SideKick 3

Sidekick 3 Screen

Well the T-Mobile SideKick 3 has been revealed and believe me it packs quite a punch to be exact. The mobile comes back with its side slide again being a trademark. Along with that you get to use a 2.6 Inch massive screen which delivers picture result as great as any LCD TV and the only difference being you can carry it along with you.

Camera and Connectivity Features of SideKick 3

The camera has been integrated so well that one can not neglect the perfect shape and design of the camera. Along with the design the picture quality has been also kept so well keeping in mind the smooth performance of the phone. Connecting to the internet is one of the most highlighted features of SideKick 3. The best part being that there is no requirement for any kind of software. You just can connect the USB cables of the phone to the PC and get on with moving your files. The phone comes with an included 64 MB miniSD card. The PC just recognizes the card as an external device and voila easy and simple file sharing.


T-Mobile provides you with predesigned desktop software. And it includes a lot of features all within. Along with that for instant messaging and email the T-Mobile SideKick 3 is one of the best phones in the market. This is due to its intelligently placed keyboard keys. Browsing the web is really easy and safe that is because all the Ads are filtered out by the help of a proxy server included with it.


The trackball has allowed the navigation section of SideKick 3 to be excellent. This small but smooth trackball allows you to scroll through the Internet along with the phone’s menu. The interchangeable Lithium ion battery allows the phone to stay on for up to 9 hours on phone call mode.


If you are looking for a complete phone then there is no better option then buying the T-Mobile SideKick 3. For any thing that includes typing no phone tops the T-Mobile SideKick 3. And beating the SideKick 3 is not that easy. Remember that!

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