Samsung’s Bigfoot T-Mobile Will Be Unveiled Soon In USA

In the mobile industry, this summer may be a good news in USA. The much awaited Samsung’s Bigfoot is on the way to be unveiled soon. According to the recent leaks, the Bigfoot Android smartphone for T-Mobile will be available in USA’s network in Q3 2009. Boy Genius Report says that the next Google Android phone could be from Sansung and not from HTC for the T-Mobile USA. As of now, T-Mobile is already selling Google G1 there.

Bigfoot With Android, AMOLED And QWERTY Keypad and More

The Bigfoot will be having a 3-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard having stereo speakers. The speakers are well placed so that even if one listens to songs with closed phone, the quality of the sound remains the same.

Samsung Bigfoot Mobile Phone?
Samsung Bigfoot Mobile Phone?

Bigfoot Looks And Unconfirmed Specifications

The new picture released of the model is not so appealing. It appears with a horrible green color scheme which is not convincing at all. Wish there may be more colors and color shades that may be appealing because lime green is not liked by many. Though black and silvery is very common, but they are at least better than lime green and they have industrial look.

Well! Other specification of the phone seems to be quite interesting. It has UMTS/HSDPA connectivity and is also assumed to have WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. The camera is of 3-megapixel. If we look at the picture minutely, we will not be able to find out the “Home,” “Back” and “Menu” keys. On the keypad those are missing. May be on the touch screen these buttons are available just like the N97 of Nokia had “Send” and “End” keys or the gesture pad on the Palm Pre. One more reason to this can be that the dedicated keys for “Home” and “Menu” are wiping out from the standard keyboards.

Looking Ahead

The picture was first spotted in T-Mobile’s 2009 release roadmap earlier this year. Though the leaked picture was a bit blurred, it was appropriately enough to make a sense of it. Since then, T-Mobile has confirmed that Samsung is also one of the manufacturers after Motorola and HTC to release Android phones in 2009.

Whatever be the positive and negative features of the phone, one thing is confirmed that the phone is highly impressive at the first look. Moreover, Samsung has always been one of the best in offering the best features on all its phones. Wish it may be launched with the best deal price.

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