New Nokia 6700 Classic Review & Specs

Nokia is currently focussing on 6700 Classic which is the upgraded version of the ever popular 6300. This mobile phone boasts an impressive list of features that include a 5 Mega Pixel Camera, GPS Navigation with Nokia Maps, HSDPA for speedy Internet and an impressive built-in accelerometer.

First Look at Nokia 6700 Classic

nokia 6700

Design of this classic candy bar is nothing new and it has nothing to cause an ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’ of surprise or delight. With the same colour schemes that 6300 had, it looks very similar to it. A 109.8mm tall, 45mm wide and 11.2mm thick device is comfortable in the hand, weighing just 113g. For those texting freaks out there, this cell phone has a great keypad for you. But mind you, it attracts finger prints very easily.

Performance – A mixed bag

5 Mega Pixel camera gives just the average performance. Auto focusing is impressive, but it is good enough for just casual photography. The LED flash is a big let down when we have experienced the much powerful Xenon Flash. Video recording is typical of Nokia, as it is very poor. It sports a small 2.2″ display with 240×320 resolution which could have been better for 5 MP Cam Phone.

Assisted GPS with Nokia Maps does its job well. Built-in accelerometer is great and supports some great stuff like tap-for-clock and turn-to-mute features. It has a micro-USB port for connectivity and even the headphone needs to plugged in there. Absence of 3.5mm jack is really a set back for music lovers. It also lacks Wi-Fi connectivity. The 10 Mbps HSDPA is an impressive add-on to supporting high speed Internet connectivity.

Running on S40 platform, it has a very poor support for third party applications. It doesn’t even have a document viewer, leave alone other advanced applications. But, other features like calling, texting and music are good. Battery is rated to last 418 hours on standby and lasts a for a good time, though a small number of users complain of quick draining.


The price set for this 5 MP phone is just about the right level. This decently performing candy bar comes with some great features and a few let downs. I will give it a 3 out of 5.

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