T-Mobile USA to Launch More Google Android G2 phones in 2009

Google Android G2 mobile phone is in limelight again, yes there have been several guesses and stories about the mobile’s arrival. The exact news is that new Google Android G2 mobile phone is on its way, but with some hearsay if T-Mobile will hold another Android Smartphone.


In a Fierce Wireless interview, T-Mobile USA’s VP of engineering and operations, Neville Ray, brought out some plans of T-Mobile USA for 2009. He also added that along with their other products T-Mobile has also planned to launch more G phones and HSPA capable Smartphones. So you have to wait for some more time to have T-Mobile G2 in the mobile market. The second generation Android cellphones from T-Mobile G2 made by HTC will be thinner, shinier, sleeker and slimline touchscreen with no keyboard and the back looks very smooth. It may come with 3.2 megapixel camera and an interface “very similar” to the G1. They are expected to be in the market by Mid-May of this year.

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