Acer F900 Smart Phone Review

Acer F900 – Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1

Acer F900

The Acer F900 is a competitive 3G Touchscreen Smart Phone that features a better than average 3.15 Mega pixel Camera, a pretty huge 3.8 inch WVGA display and a brilliantly working Built-In GPS Receiver. This Windows Mobile 6.1 powered smart phone comes with Wi-Fi and HSDPA 3G technologies for connectivity. It is 12.85 millimeters thick, slightly bigger than the iPhone 3G’s 12.3mm, and measures 117.5mm tall by 63.5mm wide.

Acer F900 has a Large 3.8″ Touch Screen

The most highlighting feature of this Acer device is its 3.8 inch Touch Screen Display, which is one of the largest to be incorporated in mobile phones. The resolution on the screen is 800×480 which complements its screen well. The humongous screen enables easy viewing of complex web pages and large documents, making one’s life easy. The phone features a very nice UI called the Acer Shell, that simplifies navigation a lot. Surprisingly there isn’t even a single proper button beneath the screen where you would normally find Call, End etc. Tap a finger in the vaguely familiar area you expect them to be and a deep blue glow back lights them.

A good first attempt from Acer

The Acer F900 has a not so impressive design and it performs a tad better than some of the better looking smart phones in its category. It is unique, though it gives a common feel. The F900 manages to perform well for the majority of tasks, especially as an entertainment device with good delivery of video play back and music. Unfortunately you will have to find your own pair of head phones for listening to music as it is not bundled along with it.

It does have its cons, but they tend to be more of software glitches. With right tweaks, this smart phone can be a top quality unit. Acer’s F900 competes in a highly competitive Windows Mobile market and lacks the feel of the high-end competitors like HTC Phones, but it can certainly be a good alternative. When it comes to pricing, the amount to be shelled out for the specs seem to be reasonable, though it is not enough to grab a decent amount of market share from the likes of HTC and BlackBerry. Surely it is a good first attempt from Acer.

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