Synchronize Tasks on Your iPhone and iPod Touch With TasksSync

If you have got an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and are looking for a freeware tool to Synchronize your to-do lists then you can try out TasksSync. TasksSync is a simple freeware application designed to complement the todo-management for iPhone and iPod touch. It offers the possibility to create and modify todo items on your Mac and then synchronize them with your mobile devices. You can easily use TasksSync to wirelessly exchange to-do lists between Tasks on your iPhone and your Mac, including iCal tasks.


Features of TasksSync for MAC

  • Organize to do items by filing them into lists, assigning priorities, due dates etc.
  • Synchronize to do items with your Mac or another iPhone/iPod touch.
  • Use wireless data exchange capabilities to keep multiple devices up to date.
  • iCal compatibility allows you to keep your iCal to do items in sync with Tasks on your iPhone/iPod touch.
  • Easily send and receive to do items and lists via e-mail.
  • Classic mode for those who don’t require the advanced features.
  • Smart lists helps you to get quick access to important, scheduled and urgent tasks.

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