Block Ads on Your MAC Safari Browser With GlimmerBlocker

If you are using Safari in MAC and are looking for an ad-blocker then you can try with GlimmerBlocker. There are many other ad-blockers but the problem with other ad-blockers for Safari is that they are implemented as awful hacks: as an InputManager and/or ApplicationEnhancer. WIth these types of programs you need to compromise the stability of Safari browser. These may often create problems with the new versions of Safari.

Block Ads on Your MAC Safari Browser With GlimmerBlocker

The good thing about GlimmerBlocker is that it is implemented as an http proxy, so the stability of Safari isn’t compromised. Moreover it is compatible with all other browsers. You can always upgrade either your Safari browser or GlimmerBlocker without any problems.

Thought GlimmerBlocker is very good it cannot do somethings like: adding a block by right-clicking an image, stopping pop-unders and filtering cookies from 3rd party servers. GlimmerBlocker provides much more easier methods for adding your own modifications to pages by adding CSS rules, Javascript or by transforming the html before Safari receives it.

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  1. i use tiger osx (10.4.11), any suggestion to download?

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