Apple Application Criticized By Gay Rights Group

Apple Inc, creator of iconic iPhone, iPad and iPod is facing disparagement from a gay rights group following its approval of an Apple Logo PiciPhone app which encourages people to cure themselves from homosexuality. Gay rights activists are saying that selling of the application is against Apple’s guidelines as to what can be sold in its App store.

Application Provided By Exodus International

The application is being provided by Exodus International a ministry group. Through the application users can get updates from the group as well a schedule of events where counselors and others will be given training. The application is free of cost and also includes stories from people who say that the app has helped them to get rid of homosexuality tendencies.

An online petition for removing the application from its App store has been organized by Truth Wins, a gay rights group. The petition which condemns the application has found support from several lakh people. Truth Wins has said that Apple’s guidelines clearly mention that applications hosted in its App store cannot be offensive and harm any individual or group in any manner.

Apple however is yet to respond on this issue. It is to be noted that unlike Android Marketplace where one can sell anything, App Store is tightly controlled and monitored by Apple. In the past too, Apple has removed several app following complaints regarding its content.

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