How to Clean Refrigerator in Simple Steps

Like every other home appliance, the refrigerator also needs to be cleaned periodically. It is crucial too as you store your foodstuff in it and over a period there is gunk formation in it along with the growth of bacteria. It can be unhygienic and may cause health issues for you as well. So if you are looking for ways to clean your refrigerator easily without much of a mess, then follow these simple steps of how to clean your fridge given down below.

Unplug the Refrigerator

Cleaning Out The Fridge

The first thing you need to do is unplug the refrigerator from the power point. It is for bringing the interiors of the fridge to room temperature to clean it properly. It is also crucial for avoiding any electrical hazard while cleaning the refrigerator.

Empty the Refrigerator

Clean Refrigerator

It is necessary that you empty the refrigerator before you start your cleaning process. The empty space of the fridge will allow you to access the entire fridge especially those tricky corners. It is also necessary since you will be using washing solutions to clean it and if by chance it gets into your food, then it will spoil your food and will be harmful to you.

Take out Shelves and Drawers

Clean Out Fridge

The refrigerators mostly come with adjustable and removable shelves and drawers which can be taken out quickly.  The drawers are made of plastic or steel which makes washing them with warm water and soap easily. But if the parts are of ceramic or glass, let them warm up to room temperature, or else there is a chance they might crack up or break while washing.

Wipe the Interiors

How To Clean A Fridge

After a prolonged time, there is a chance of having stubborn stains and muck inside your refrigerator, so you need to clean them thoroughly. For cleaning purpose, you can make a homemade solution of 2 tablespoon baking soda in 1 quart of hot water or one part of apple cider vinegar to three parts of warm water.

Do not use strongly scented soap for cleaning or else its smell might get absorbed into your food later on. Take a soft wiping cloth to wipe the interiors of the fridge. Rinse the cloth repeatedly while using so the cleaning is proper, so the same muck does not get transferred elsewhere in the refrigerator.

Clean the Fridge Door

Fridge Cleaning

While cleaning the fridge just don’t focus on the chamber of the refrigerator but clean the door too. The door area also holds the gaskets and shelves for storage. You can use the same solution or a light chemical cleaner for cleaning the door.

You can also use the solution of ½ water, ½ vinegar or bleach to clean the gasket in the fridge. Do not apply not diluted bleach on the gasket. To keep the rubber supple, pat the gasket completely dry and use lemon, mineral oil or body lotion on it.

Cleaning the Freezer

How To Clean Freezer

Before cleaning the freezer in the refrigerator, defrost it thoroughly, so there is no ice formation in it. This area is mainly used for keeping your poultry and meat items, so there are at times spill of blood stains it. Throw out any leftover or spoilt food from the freezer before the cleaning starts.

Use light solutions like vinegar, soap or baking soda with warm water to clean the freezer. In case the freezer needs some thorough cleaning you can apply the same method which is used for cleaning the refrigerator.

Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

How To Clean Refrigerator Coils

Modern fridges mostly come with a flat back which has the condenser coils covered by the body. But some old-timers have a web of condenser coils at the back which is often exposed to dust and dirt outside. For cleaning the coil, pull the fridge a little away from the wall and use the coil cleaning brush for removing the dust settled over it.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the coils. Along with the condenser coils, the compressor is located at the back which should be cleaned as well. Depending on the model you can even access the condenser fan and clean the blades.

Clean the Exterior

Best Way To Clean Refrigerator

Once you have done with the interiors and coil cleaning, it is time to clean up the exterior part of the fridge. Use a mild soap dissolved in warm water. In case you have a stainless steel fridge you need to use a soft non-scratching rag, window cleaner, and vinegar to clean its shiny surface. Clean the rubber gasket as well on the edges so no dirt remains there.

Remove Drip Pan

How To Clean Moldy Refrigerator

Some refrigerator models have a drip pan at the bottom that collects the condensation from the fridge. You need to empty that as well periodically for the smooth functioning of the refrigerator. You have to remove the grill at the bottom of the fridge and use a flashlight for locating the pan.

Usually, it is on the top of the condenser coil. Over a period of time they tend to become moldy and gross due to water collection hence it will be appropriate to wear gloves while cleaning it. You can use detergent or bleach to clean the pan and dry it thoroughly before placing it back.


These are some of the simple steps that you can use while cleaning your refrigerator. It will help you keeping your fridge clean and ensuring the proper hygiene for storing your food in the fridge.

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