How to Clean Washing Machine

The washing machine that you use for washing your clothes requires some cleaning up of its own too. Due to prolonged washing of the clothes, the washing machine also tends to get dirty. It may result in a smelly tub of the washing machine and even cause interference in its operation. To prevent such thing you need to clean your washing machine properly. To know how you can clean your washing machine correctly, here are some tips that can be incredibly useful to you.

How To Clean A Washing Machine

How to Clean Top Loading Washing Machine

Clean Top Loading Washing Machine

Cleaning a washing machine needs no rocket science, but you need to know the right methods to do it.

  • If you have a top loading washing machine at home, then you can start by having a hot water wash of the tub.
  • While doing this, mix ½ cup of bicarbonate of soda and 2 cups of white vinegar in it.
  • The solution of bicarb and vinegar will help in breaking down the mold and dirt particles which at times blocks the outlet holes and hoses.
  • Using vinegar for cleaning purpose will not only be cheaper but it will be good for the washing machine too.
  • Take out the filters and give them a thorough wash individually as they have a habit of getting clogged by detergent residuals or muck.

How to Clean Front Loading Washing Machine

How Do You Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine

Cleaning up a front loading washing machine requires a different type of procedure. These washing machines are highly efficient and usually, need less detergent compared to top loaders for washing purpose. However, it is necessary to clean it up once in a month since there can be mold depository and smell from the drum. The things that you will require to clean a front-loading washing are ½ cup of baking soda, 2 cups of white vinegar, warm water, scouring sponge, regular sponge, and paper towels.

  • Start by checking the amount of mold deposited on the front loader seal. You can do that by pulling the seal with your finger. If you detect muck or mould in the seal, then soak the area with white vinegar and leave it for 10-20 minutes.
  • After that, by using a scrounge sponge, scrub the seal by holding it back for dislodging the mold.
  • If you are not able to take the mold off with a scrounge sponge, then you can take help of an old toothbrush
  • As for the drum cleaning, mix together a combination of baking soda and warm water in a small bowl.
  • Place it in the detergent slot of the washing machine as you do for regular washing routine.
  • Pour white vinegar into the front loading washing machine’s drum directly and turn it on with temperature on hot by selecting normal mode.
  • The rotary function of the drum will circulate the solution all over which will help in removing the excess muck deposited in the drum.
  • Once the cleaning cycle is over, remember to wipe the interiors of the drum with clean water and sponge.
  • Repeat this process every month or on a regular basis to eliminate the smell and the formation of muck inside the washing machine’s tub.


These are some of the DIY techniques of cleaning your washing machine that you can easily do at home. These methods are simple, cheap and are absolutely trouble free. By using these tips, you can effortlessly clean your washing machine be it top loading or front loading and make them sparkling clean.

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