How to Clean Dishwasher

The dishwasher saves plenty of your time which you spend in washing the dishes after finishing the meal. It is quite a tedious task and a dirty one too. The appliance sets you free from the post-dinner toil, and you can enjoy your time with the family after completing your meals. However, the appliance that cleans up your dishes needs to be cleaned as well. As it cleanses the utensils, there can be an accumulation of muck, mold and even trigger the development of bacteria or fungi.

Over a period, the dishwasher chamber also tends to get smelly. Hence proper cleaning of the dishwasher is required on a regular basis. To know how you can clean your dishwasher at home easily, follow these simple DIY tips that help in cleaning the appliance trouble freely.

How To Clean Your Dishwasher

How to Clean Dishwasher with Vinegar

How To Clean A Dishwasher With Vinegar

Cleaning your dishwasher is not a major challenge and you can do it easily with the proper tools and cleansers. The things that you must have to clean the dishwasher properly are:

  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Sponge
  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Screwdriver, hex, wench or some other tool
  • Microfiber cloths or soft rags
  • Toothbrush
  • Stainless steel or multipurpose cleaner

Clean the filter:  the filter of the dishwasher gets chocked with disposition of gunk, food scraps and mold after prolonged usage. To clean it, remove the bottom rack and take out the filter system. You may require the tools to remove it as the filter is often screwed in with different interlocking parts.

Soak the filter into soapy warm water for duration of 10-15 minutes. To remove any clinging food particles from the filter you can gently scrub it with a toothbrush. Do not apply too much force for brushing or else it might damage the filter as it is fragile.

Check spray arm: when you have started the cleaning process it is the right time to check the spray arm. It also tends to get clogged with food scraps. For cleaning it, you have to rinse the arm under the valve, check for clogged holes and clear them with the help of toothpick or wooden skewer.

Clean the drain: the dishwasher drain often gets clogged by large debris of food. Clean the drain pipe which is usually located at the bottom of the appliance by removing the debris with your hand.

Clean with vinegar: once the cleaning part of drain is complete, fill vinegar in a dishwasher safe cup and place it on the top rack. Turn on the machine with hot water cycle and it will help in washing away the muck, mold, and grease. It will also help in eradicating the foul odor that occurs after prolonged use.

Rinse with baking soda: after you have finished with washing with vinegar, sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the dishwasher. Run the machine again with a hot water cycle. The baking soda will help incredibly in deodorizing your dishwasher and eliminating the stains.

Wash with bleach (Optional): you can also opt for bleach to get rid of mold and mildew from your dishwasher. Add around 1-1/2 cup of bleach at the bottom of the dishwasher and run it on full cycle.


These are some of the simple tips that you can adapt at home for properly cleaning your dishwasher. These methods will not only make your dishwasher sparkling clean but also remove the foul odor from its chamber. So next time when you intend to clean your dishwasher, these tips will help you to clean the appliance trouble freely.

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