6 Best Microwave Ovens Of 2021
6 Best Microwave Ovens Of 2021

6 Best Microwave Ovens Of 2021

The microwave oven is rapidly becoming a regular appliance of every household. This electronic device eases the troubles of cooking and heating the food, and it can prepare your supper within few minutes. Microwaves have evolved as the most useful gadget especially for housewives as they can try out new recipes and quickly reheat the food during the dinner and morning rush.

There are different types of microwave oven available in the market that has different features and specifications. So if you love cooking or just want a device that can warm your food in less amount of time, then check out some of the best microwave ovens that you can take home and add to your kitchen.

1. IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

IFB Microwave

This is one microwave oven that can not only cook well, but it looks good too. The floral panel of the appliance gives a stylish appearance to your kitchen with its distinct design. The microwave has Deodorize, Steam, and Disinfect feature that will help to keep the appliance and the utensils absolutely clean even after recurring use. It consumes less power saving nearly 40% of your electricity bill. In case the interiors get greasy, you can easily clean them within few minutes with the steam feature. The Grill+ Microwave+ Convection allows you to experiment with new recipes and to serve delicious food to your families such as cakes, chicken roasts, and many other items.


  • Floral panel, disinfect, power save, and deodorize
  • 71 auto cook menu
  • Steam clean
  • LED display, Stainless steel cavity
  • 10 power levels, 10 temperature levels with temperature settings
  • Weight Defrost system
  • (Grill + Microwave) and (Convection + Microwave)

2. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven

Lg Microwave

You will fall in love with this appliance as it shall be a beautiful addition to your kitchen. You can do versatile things such as cooking, baking, pasteurizing, roasting, and many more things. For the people who are health-conscious, there is a Diet Fry Feature that allows them to cook food with the minimum use of oil.

It also helps in making Indian delicacies such as Naans, Parathas, Laccha Parathas, Tandoori Rotis, and other things quite easily. The charcoal convection with 255 auto cook menu selection can indeed meet most of your cooking requirements.


  • Charcoal Convection
  • Motorized rotisserie
  • Diet Fry
  • 255 Auto Cook Menu
  • Dropdown door panel
  • 32 liters capacity
  • Smart dial control

3. Samsung CE76JD-B Microwave

Samsung Microwave Oven

This microwave from Samsung will certainly add glory to your kitchen with its bold, simple looks but with a lot of interesting features. It has got a Triple Distribution System that helps in cooking every part of the food in an evenly way with its Aperture Antenna feature. Apart from that, it has two additional slot antennas so that it can distribute the waves more widely for the purpose of cooking.

The interiors of the device have a Ceramic Enamel coating which makes it highly scratch-resistant than the other microwaves. This coating also helps in cleaning the inside of the microwave easily and helps in maintaining hygiene with its Anti-Bacterial Protection.


  • Membrane control panel
  • LED display
  • Convection + Grill
  • Aperture Antenna feature
  • Ceramic Enamel’s coating
  • Anti Bacterial Protection
  • Scratch Resistant Interiors

4. Electrolux 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

Electrolux Microwave

Electrolux is a popular name when it comes to home appliances, and its microwave ovens share a similar reputation. The design of this microwave from Electrolux is quite appealing, and it would add a style statement to your kitchen. Speaking about its technological part, the device comes with a touch membrane keypad which makes it easy to use. The 101 auto cook menu of the microwave oven enables you to cook any kind of dish you desire right from cakes to roasted chicken. The Smart Wave technology gives a simultaneous and constant level of power which helps in evenly cooking the food and keeping its nutrition intact.

On the maintenance part, its 360° cleaning helps you get rid of the smallest stain in the interior chamber and preserve the hygiene of the cooking device. With its 3 years warranty, it is one of the best microwaves you can take to your home.


  • Smart Wave Technology
  • 20 liters capacity
  • 501 Auto Cook Menu
  • Touch Keypad (Membrane)
  • 360 Degree Clean
  • 3 years Warranty

5. Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

Morphy Richards Microwave

Morphy Richards is well known for making world-class home appliances with its cult technology and its microwave ovens are no different. The first thing that will attract you to this microwave is its futuristic design with a mirror glass door panel. The control panel buttons are easy to understand and operate. Cook delicious food on the device without the worry of getting overcooked or burnt due to its overheat sensory protection.

The stainless steel cavity of the microwave helps in distributing the heat evenly so that every part of your food item is adequately cooked. The convection system allows you to try multiple recipes and enjoy the meal with your family. The ten auto cook menu helps you to execute a stress-less cooking experience. The child safety lock feature prevents any kind of mishap from taking place and makes sure that the appliance functions smoothly.


  • Mirror Glass Door
  • Combination Cooking (Convection+Micro+Grill)
  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • Child Lock
  • 5 power levels and 10 auto cook options
  • Advanced overheat sensory protection
  • Defrost function

6. Godrej 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

Godrej Microwave

Godrej needs no introduction when it comes to the home appliance section as it uses some of the finest technological systems to make devices for your daily needs. The Godrej microwave ovens also have the same superior technical mettle for its users which enables them to cook some of the loveliest delicacies with ease with its advanced systems. This particular model has 161 instacook menus which give you the liberty to make any dish of your choice in the oven. The Express Cooking feature will prepare your meal in less time and also heat it up. The plate of the microwave oven has a Teflon coating and a silicon base that heats up quickly in microwave mode. It also prevents the food from getting stuck on it during the heating process.

The most useful feature of this device is its Auto Protection technology which shuts down the microwave in case of any malfunction and gives an error message. It helps in preventing any kind of mishap and stops the microwave from getting damaged.


  • 161 Instacook menus
  • Express cooking
  • Auto protection
  • Jet Defrost
  • Crusty plate
  • Child lock

Therefore if you are on a hunt to add a new microwave oven to your kitchen that can not only cook tasty food and reheat them but is technologically advanced as well, then you can look into some of the above options which are currently some of the best microwave ovens that are available in the Indian market.

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