5 Best Water Purifiers Of 2021

Water is an essential source of life on our planet and without water, you cannot imagine life on earth. For us, every drop of water counts as it is the most precious thing to us. However, due to increasing human footprints and pollution, the water quality has deteriorated a lot, and it is causing some harmful diseases in us. There are various kinds of impurities in the water that should be filtered out before drinking it, and for that, the water purifier comes to help.

It makes the water suitable for drinking by removing contaminants, chemicals, sediments, and other impurities from it. The water purifier has become an important appliance of every household for getting safe drinking water. So to know which is the best water purifier, just scroll through the list given below.

Water Purifier

1. Hul Pureit Ultima Ro+Uv Water Purifier

Best Ro Water Purifier

It is an amazing water purifier that can clear 10 million germs from 1 Liter of water that passes through multiple treatments such as UV and RO to provide the safest drinking water. It also removes dissolved salt from water (2000 ppm) and can function in any type of water source. The purifier has 10 liters capacity which is quite good for meeting the requirements of a large family.

The black color of the purifier gives it an elegant look and the blue LED display adds an extra charm to its appearance. The mountable design makes it convenient to place and use. It comes with an auto shut-off function if there is any functioning error in the machine. It is also loaded with a TDS Modulator which adds minerals after the purification process which enhances the taste of water. With its 6 stage purification stages and attractive looks, it inevitably makes it one of the best water purifiers of 2017.

2. Aquaguard Geneus RO Water Purifier

Aquaguard Water Purifier

Aquaguard is known for using high-tech technology for its water purifiers, and it’s Geneus RO water purifier is simply remarkable. The best thing about this gadget is that it automatically detects the hardness of the water and by using its RO+UV/UF+UV technology and provides the safest drinking water. The storage capacity of the purifier is 7 liters and can work with water that has TDS around 2000 ppm. The mineral guard of the device shuns out the excess minerals and adds an adequate amount of minerals to the purified water.

When the cartridge needs to be changed, it gives out a notification by itself, intimating about cartridge replacement. Usually, the warning comes after the machine has dispensed nearly 5500 liters of water. You will find no staleness in the taste of the water since the purifier comes with a taste enhancer, making the drinking water sweet after removing the impurities.

3. Livpure Smart Touch 8.5-Litre RO Water Purifier

Ro Uv Water Purifier

The shape of this water purifier might appear a bit bulky, but it is surely one of the finest water purifiers with its advanced intelligent technology. It has 7 stages purifying process with a storage capacity of 8.5 liters. It has a transparent tank that lets you know that how much amount of water is remaining in the purifier. The multi-dispensing option allows you to take out water according to your requirement.

The multi-stage purification process ensures that the water is completely free of bacteria, sediments, and other elements that can harm your health. What separates it from other water purifiers is its smart touch option and it can be controlled by your smartphone as well. The water purifier can work with any water type, and it can even enhance the taste of the water.

4. Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV/UF

Kent Water Purifier

Kent is one of the most popular brands when it comes to reverse osmosis water purifiers. It uses multi-stage purification technology right from Reverse Osmosis + Ultraviolet + Ultrafiltration that can even remove dissolved salts and other impurities. The water purifying machine can work with all kinds of water, and its 8-liter storage capacity is sufficient for catering to a big family.

It has a TDS controller that saves the essential minerals of the water and delivers pure and safe drinking water. There is a failsafe alarm in the machine which alerts us if the UV filter malfunctions in some way. The body of the purifier is made of ABS plastic which ensures longer durability of the device.

5. LG WW180EP 8-Litres Water Purifier

Lg Water Purifier

This beautiful-looking RO system can be an excellent addition to your kitchen for your water purification purpose. It caters to your pure drinking water needs with True RO filtration which removes impure agents like bacteria, ionized substances, and heavy metallic elements from water. It has got 8 liters storage tank made of stainless steel which keeps the water fresh and does not let it stale.

The machine also has mineral boosters that add essential minerals like calcium and magnesium that make the water healthier and tastier. There is a smart display indicator provided with the appliance that gives a visual alert of filter change indication, UV sterilizing, and water level. The key feature of the purifier is its 2 in 1 water solution which provides pure water for drinking as well as clean water for washing clothes, vegetables, personal hygiene like washing face, hair, etc. via the secondary tap located at the side of the machine.

These are some of the best RO water purifiers that you can install in your home. They will not only give you pure and clean drinking water but also keep your family healthy and prevent any sort of water-borne diseases.

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