5 Best Water Heaters for Your Home

A fresh hot water bath can refresh you instantly after a hectic daylong schedule, draining out the tiredness from your body. It feels delightful especially during the winter season when the weather is cold and chilly. Hot water is also useful for other purposes too like gargling, cleaning, and washing certain fabrics. For that, an appropriate water heater is required which can cater to your needs. There are many water heaters available in the market, but you need to choose wisely. There are a variety of geysers like storage heaters, instant water heaters, and solar water heaters. You have to pick one which matches your requirement. To know which water heater can fit your requirement, here is the list of the best water heaters you can choose from.

1. Bajaj New Shakti 15-Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj Water Heater

It is a storage water heater with a 15-liter storage capacity which can provide you with refreshing hot water. Even though it has a large storage capacity, the geyser is compact and can fit easily in any corner of your bathroom. The outer body is made of durable fiber which rules out any sort of rusting. To prevent corrosion of the inner tank, a protective glass-lined coating is given which averts any type of rust formation.

The water heater is equipped with PUF insulation which rapidly heats the water and retains the heat for a long period. It means that you don’t have to switch on and off power for heating the water. The water will remain hot even for a long time even after the power is turned off. The water consumes less electricity which helps you to save money on your electricity bill. The water heater also has an auto power cut-off feature which will stop the geyser from overheating and keep the device safe. With all these key features, it surely tops the list as one of the best water heaters for your bathroom.

2. AO Smith HSE-SBS- 025 25-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Digital Water Heater

Ao Smith Water Heater

AO Smith uses advanced and superior technology to manufacture home appliances for its consumers. The water heater has a glass-coated element that not only heats up the water quickly but also protects it from sediment build up on the surface which prevents its failure and provides extended life. The geyser comes in an attractive and compact fiber body that not only looks good but can easily fit into any corner of the bathroom. The Blue Diamond lining of the inner tank of the heater makes it corrosion resistant which helps in the long life of the geyser.

Additionally, it is also equipped with an anode rod with a stainless steel core that is meant for protecting the inner tank from any corrosive element. To control the temperature of the water heater, it comes with a wired remote control that has a digital display. You can adjust its heat right from 25°C to 75°C according to your will. To avoid overheating, it has a thermal cut out which shuts off the power when it exceeds the heat level to maintain the safety of you and the appliance.

3. Racold 25 L Geyser Altro 2 Vertical AN-25

Racold Water Heater

It is yet another water heater that can give you refreshing hot water with the use of its advanced technology. The geyser has a massive storage tank of 25 liters that allows you to store a considerable amount of hot water in it. The geyser has a rustproof exterior body which ensures the long life of the home appliance. For the heating purpose, it has a titanium enameled heating element which gives adequate protection against sediment formation and rusting.

The special anode that is utilized with the heating element applies an electrolytic process that helps in protecting it from corrosion and extending its life. The water heater uses a high density, and thick PUF that consumes less amount of power for running the device so you can save money on electricity bills. The heater can also withstand the high pressure of water (up to 8 bars) that makes it fit for tall buildings and places with high water pressure.

4. Havells Puro Plus 5S 15-Litre Storage Water Heater

Havells Water Heater

Havells is best known for making energy-efficient electrical appliances, and its water heater does not disappoint either. The Puro Plus 5S uses advanced technology for providing instant water heating for you. Maintaining its energy efficiency tradition the geyser uses PUF insulation which helps in saving electricity and consuming less power for operating the device.

To cater to efficient and quick heating the instant water heater has a heavy-duty anode rod from the tank to outflow pipes. The inner tank has an ultra-thick rolled steel chamber that can withstand high pressure. The water heater is ergonomically designed which it makes easy to install. To control the temperature, a knob is given along with the device. It also has a lamp which shows the heat status of the water. For the purpose of instant water heating, it is one of the best water heaters that you can install in your bathroom.

5. Usha Instafresh 1-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater

Electric Water Geyser

Usha is the oldest and the most trusted name when it comes to home appliances in India. This water heater from Usha performs superbly by providing hot water in an efficient manner. For heating water, the geyser uses copper heating elements along with whirl flow technology that heats the water rapidly. It has a hard leak-proof fiber body that is absolutely corrosion-proof.

To protect the appliance from any electrical hazard it has an active protection feature against thermal and high-pressure offshoots. A heavy-duty magnesium anode rod is provided for efficient heating and to prevent corrosion as well, thereby ensuring the long life of this home appliance. It comes in attractive designs and colors which will uplift the glamour quotient of your bathroom.

Water heaters are too some extent a necessity of our daily life and especially during the cold season. These water heaters can provide quick and efficient heating of water without any hassle. So if you are also planning to buy an electric geyser for your bathroom, then you can choose one from the list of best water heaters given above.

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