5 Best Soda Makers for Enjoying Homemade Soda (2021)

Do you like the bubbly drinks of soda after every meal or just as a refreshment? Sodas are a favorite drink of many people as this fizzy beverage freshens up your mood and makes a perfect drink for a house party. You can even enjoy homemade soda by buying a soda maker for your home. As summer is approaching in the Indian subcontinent, these soda makers become incredibly useful during this period. You can enjoy plain along with numerous flavored soda tastes of your choice by making soda with this gadget. So if you want to enjoy the fizzy drink on a daily basis, check out some of the best soda makers you can buy for your home.

1. Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker

Soda Machine

It can make fizzy sodas and cocktail soft drinks in a snap of a finger with various flavors. It is an excellent product that requires no battery or electricity to operate. Its bottle-like design is equipped with a replaceable CO2 cylinder that can carbonate your drinks. It can fit in any corner of your kitchen, catering drinks at low cost which are completely hygienic and healthy.


  • Attractive ergonomic design
  • Battery and electricity-free operations
  • Contains replaceable CO2 cylinder for carbonating water
  • Can make 1 liter of soft drink at an incredibly low cost
  • Easy storage and consumes minimal space
  • Includes environmental friendly BPA-free pet bottle for storing soda
  • Can be easily carried anywhere

2. Savvy Soda Maker SM-18

Home Soda Machine

This soda maker lets you make a wide range of flavored soda at anyplace or anytime you want. It has a battery and electricity-free operations which makes it quite convenient to use. Making a carbonated drink with this soda maker is also economical, and it can be stored in any part of the kitchen or house.


  • Small compact design
  • Can make carbonated drinks of various flavors
  • Portable and requires no battery or electricity for operating
  • Can make soft drinks at an economical rate
  • Replaceable CO2 cylinder

3. SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit

Sparkling Water Maker

It is a compact and lightweight water carbonation machine that can make sparkling water or soda with a touch of a single button. It has battery-less and electricity-free operations and can be carried anywhere easily. The soda streaming machine is incredibly easy to use and can make several glasses of flavored carbonated drinks at a low cost.


  • Compact portable design
  • Electricity and battery-free design
  • Single push-button operations
  • Can make up to 60 liters of carbonated water
  • Compatible with multiple bottle size

4. Hamilton Beach Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker

Best Sparkling Water Maker

The next soda maker on the list is the Hamilton handheld. It can comfortably fit into your bag or duffle and can be taken to the beach or any party to make carbonated drinks instantly. The cylindrically shaped soda maker comes with a small CO2 cartridge inside and can be connected to a bottle. Just at a twist of the knob, it can make sparkling water drink with varieties of flavors.


  • Portable small size
  • Handheld operations
  • Requires no electricity or battery to run
  • Includes small CO2 cartridge inside
  • Adjustable fizz control

5. DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker with 3 oz Cylinder

Drinkmate Carbonator

Drinkmate is one of the best soda makers that can not only carbonate your water but also add sparkle to flavored beverages like tea, juice, beer, and wine. The gadget is easy to operate as it requires no battery or electricity. You can quickly connect any BPA bottle to the soda maker, and it can carbonate it just at a touch of a button. It is easy to use and easy to clean too.


  • Compact portable design
  • Battery-less and electricity-free operation
  • Can carbonate water, beer, wine, tea, and juice
  • Includes 3oz starter CO2 carbonator
  • Quick to connect BPA bottle
  • Detachable Fizz Infuser with two release buttons
  • Carbonate or re-carbonate any drink without any mess

If you want to enjoy carbonated soda water at any place without any mess or hassle, then these soda makers can cater to your need. The battery-less and electricity-free operations of the soda makers make them an apt companion for any occasion. They can provide flavored soda drinks at a low cost which is sufficient for a big group or family functions. Hence, if you want a soda maker for your home, then these are some of the best soda makers you can buy.

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