Win Full License of MyPhone and Transform S60 UI to Apple iPhone UI

If you cannot afford to buy an Apple iPhone don’t worry. Now you can turn your Nokia Series 60 Mobiles into an iPhone. MMMOOO has developed a new application called “MyPhone” which can turn your s60 UI into an iPhone UI. There is also an updated version for the latest Nokia 5800 Xpress Music mobile. I installed the full version of MyPhone on my Nokia 5800 XM Mobile and was really stunned to see an Apple iPhone UI on my Nokia Series 60 5th Edition Mobile. The application looks quite impressive with a “Slide to unlock” feature on Nokia 5800.


MyPhone is basically a Flash based application developed for Symbian S60 Mobiles. The Apple iPhone kinda UI looks really very good. The UI consists of three shorcuts for “Messages“, “Call” and “Contacts” on the lower part along with many other shortcuts on top of it. You can swipe on the UI(In case of a Nokia 5800) to go to the next page. Apart from the standard shortcuts MyPhone has got a built-in “RSS Reader” and “Weather Forecaster“. Even the dialer is replaced to give you an iPhone look and feel.


Features of MyPhone for S60 Mobiles

  • There is a notifier on the Messaging and Log icons which displays the number of missed calls and unread messages.
  • There is a “Slide to unlock” feature for the Nokia 5800 Mobile. You can also choose from the 8 pre-defined wallpapers, at the same time you can add your own words and sentence to be displayed on the animated home screen.
  • The quick and easy to use RSS reader will definitely help you to catchup the updates of your favorite Blogs.
  • The Weather Forecast will display the weather information about many places.
  • You can Rearrange every single icon as your wish.
  • You can even add 3rd-party applications and assign your own bookmarks directly with icons.

Supports Nokia E50, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N80, N91, N92, N93, 3250, 5500, 5500 sport and Nokia 5800 Xpress Music with flash lite 2.1 player.

Stand a Chance to win Full License for MyPhone Application.

We are happy to announce that we are authorized as one of the official launch partner for the trial version of MyPhone. But you can also win full version MyPhone with TechnoSamrat. We got a chance to give away 4 full version licenses to our readers. So we thought of running a small contest to give away the application to our beloved readers.


How can I win the full version MyPhone Application?

All you have to do is just download the trial version of MyPhone application(Download Here) and write your feedback in the comments section of this post. If you do not have a compatible mobile you can write about any of your favorite mobile application. The best 4 entries will each receive a full version of MyPhone Application.

Contest Rules and Regulations

  • Anyone can participate in the contest(You need not subscribe to my Blog. But i’m very much happy if you can do that).
  • The contest Starts on Jan 29 7pm IST and ends on Feb 13 6pm IST.
  • Only 1 entry per person.
  • Only those comments that are made in this post are considered.
  • Winners are requested to claim the prizes within a week or else the prizes are transferred to the next best entries.

All the best for the participants!!!


  1. Great app for people having nokia 5800. All the best with the contest buddy! Do not count me in, I don’t have a nokia phone (yet)

  2. I love to participate in the contest. Its a great boon for people who have purchased nokia 5800 and getting transformed to Apple Iphone. Credit goes to u.

  3. wow it’s really a wonder for me, i really love to participate this contest. i have a 5800 XM and i would love to turn it into i-phone by using myphone application…

  4. i installed this application and this is simply wow; so i must need d full version of myphone; and obviously many many thanx for this post and the offer and for the contest…..

  5. This application is beautiful…but I have a nokia n82 take on july…my best applications are handy shell and resco bubbles…I love it.

  6. ‘MyPhone’ is very amazing,, I love Apple UI very much,, and ‘MyPhone’ app is the only one that can bring it into my 5800.. I’m so glad when I know about this app, moreover I can try the trial version.. I’ve just checked and it works smooth, no hang, no crush, and completely great!! I’m so surprised when I see my new phone’s interface, because it’s totally different… Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to participate in this contest.. I can’t wait to tell this news to my friends,,=D

  7. It has been one my fascinations ,right from day one of the launch of the revolutionary iphone, to own one. But the huge price tag here i india didnt give me the opportunity to own one. Then as gradually the flaws of the iphone started coming out in public, including it not supporting java, flash player, not having copy and paste options etc., my attraction towards the phone faded away. But the icons and the oh-so-cute menu of the iphone is just awesome. Now, when i own a nokia 5800 tube its time to re-live my dreams of owning that funky iphone menu. I am quite impressed with the wonderful iphone UI interface of myphone. I have the trial one and i would love to own the full version. The slide to unlock feature is more than realistic and this interface really makes my phone an iphone, keeping aside the flaws of iphone!!!! s, that makes my 5800 an iphone and also better than iphone!!!

  8. you really rock samrat. i am very happy to find the only games for 5800 in your site. Thanks once again. I really need that i phone ui for my 5800, thats a great transformation. Thanks to you once again.

  9. Hey buddy,
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful application.
    I just installed it and it is smooth like heaven.
    For a 5800XM user like me, it is just a perfect combination to have both Macintosh & s60 feel on the same handset.
    I m really looking forward to the full version of this app.
    Cheers to Technosamrat as well as MMMOOO for developing this.

  10. This theme is awesome……………my friends got vrazy after the iphone loook……thnx.But how to get the full version…

  11. Who said Nokia can’t digest apple . if u think so ur wrong. look at this wow..! myPhone is the show stopper..! i just installed it and i found my soul mate its n5800 with myPhone. but i would also like to see the same apple wallpapers in this too. altogether
    >—— ( Nokia + myPhone ) —–> is the Best Couple for this Valentines day.

  12. myphone is better than iphone No need of buying iphone a nokia phone and transfer it to iphone.great app.

  13. اولا اود ان اشكر كل القائمين على هذه الفرصه الجيده لتجريب احدث التكنولوجيا فى مجال الهاتف الجوال
    وبصفتى حامل لجوال نوكيا الجديد اتمنى ان تستمر هذه الشركه بتقديم الافضل للمستهلك فى ظل الصراع التقدمى الهائل بين الشركات

  14. The four licenses are given for


    Winners will be notified by email and I request you to collect your Full Version of “MyPhone” very soon


  15. wah mo ikutan kontes dah telat ya….Nokia 5800 is a lot of fun. especially WIFI nya. soalnya bisa buat internetan gratis, tinggal hunting hotspot aja…sebenarnya UI Nokia 5800 udah cukup user friendly kok. cuma kalo pengen ngrasain nokia berasa iPhone sich software ini amat membantu…Thanks buat Samrat.

  16. hey guys… i was so surprised to see dat my nokia 5800XM can be seen in i phone interface.. i’v downloaded the trail version but its dont install.. can u guys hepl me out from here. i listened about the contest today bt can i v any sort of chance to get this wonderfull application for free,because i’m a student i cant afford to buy this application.. plz moderators or authors let me know if u can help me…

  17. hello and thank you for your great work, i love my 5800 and i dont want to change it even with the Iphone cuz my first cell was nokia and still is, but even if i wanted to pay for this great app (LOVE IT) i cant do it from my country, if anyone can help me i would be greatfull.

  18. when i tried installing the demo version, it gave me a flash error:4 After this the imei activation went on for ages.
    Had to reboot my phone (nokia 5800).

    ne inputs?

  19. Boas
    Tenho visto que esta disponivel uma skin para “transformar” o tube em iphone gostaria de aplicar no meu, no entanto gostaria due de saber se existe algum problema a nivel de softwer e se e possivel remover a skin quando quisermos.


  20. Hallo,

    wie kann man diese Software installieren? Bzw. aktivieren? Habe es installiert, aber kann es nirgendwo einstellen?!


  21. wow it’s really a wonder for me, i really love to participate this contest. i have a 5800 XM and i would love to turn it into i-phone by using myphone application…

  22. Adim, tôi nói thật đừng giận nhé, bạn post thông tin để dự thi nhằm tìm bản quyền cho My phone 5800XM -> Iphone, tôi đọc đi đọc lại nhiều lần vẫn không hiểu, tôi đã dùng thử phần trail và cảm thấy rất lý thú, nói thật là trước đây mình mê cái Iphoen đến điên cuồng, rất muốn có 1 cái nhưng vì mấy đứa bạn nói chất lượng của nó kém nên mình đành thôi, sau này Nokia ra cái 5800 là minh chộp liền, mình phải nói là phần mềm myphone này rất tuyệt

  23. admin, myphone is a great software, i love it so much beacause few months ago, i like Iphone so much, but i haven’t condition to buy it. Now, i buy a 5800 xm nokia, and i want to make it become like an iphone. Myphone did it for me. that’s greeat !!!

  24. GreaT! Simply fabulous!! The Oscar fever is still full fledged in India, so i give this application a “JAI HO!!” 🙂

  25. Bonjour, merci pour votre travail, c’est fantastique, mon 5800 XM est exploité comme il le faut grêce à votre site, j’ai néanmoins un soucis pour mettre en place la démo du thème myphone, j’ai pourtant installé d’autres thèmes et ceci fonctionnent très bien, je suis très intéressé par la version complète de cet UI, et je pense que le seul point négatif de ce portable par rapport a l’ I Phone est l’option de sliding digital, mais il se ratrape largement sur beaucoup d’autres points en particulier d’ergonomie et d’ acessibilité.merci

  26. This application is too cool. Giving away free license is an awesome effort. Techno Samrat keep up the good work

  27. This is a great App and I can hardly add to the fabulous reviews it has received.

    On the areas that can be improved is probably an easier customization option which can change the layout pattern (say I want it to rotate like an old fashioned dialer or an iMac pane pattern).

    Apart from that, a great app! Pity the exchange rates have shot up, so just hoping for a lucky license on Friday the 13th :).


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