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Last night i was looking for some piece of software that would let me convert some of my pdf documents and forms into microsoft word so that i can easily edit them. I searched a lot for around 20 odd minutes and found some nice softwares, but they were all paid softwares or with limited use trials.

Then i came accross some absolutely free online pdf converters, i was not sure about the quality of the conversions using those online converters but i gave it a try and the results were pretty good. So i thought to make a list of such free online pdf to word converters so that it saves you time to search for those.

Best Pdf to Word Converter Tools
This is probably one of the fastest and very convinient sites where you can convert your pdf files to word. One of the best thing about this tool is that you are not required to give your email address prior to conversion, and once the conversion is complete you can download the file immediately from the site itself. You can also convert word files to pdf. is another nice online pdf converter tool with a few more options. If your pdf file, you wish to convert, is protected by a password, then you can enter that password on the site and the tool will successfully convert the file. There is an option to get the file in your inbox if you give your email address. You can also convert word files to pdf, excel to pdf, pdf to excel and a few other extensions.

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This is one of the tools from which i got the best quality conversions. The file upload did stuck 1-2 times but overall it was good. It has limited options, you can either convert you pdf files to .doc or .rtf only. An email address is required and you cannot do get your file converted unless you provide an email id.
This is multi format converter. You can convert your pdf files in a lot of formats such as word, doc, docx, excel, and a lot more. The files would be converted and then sent to your email address and you can download it. However, my converted file came in my inbox after 15 hours, so the time factor is pretty important.
I came accross this free utility and was a bit confused, how to use it? There are a lot of options in how you want your converted doc/word file to be like. When converting a pdf document to a word file, there are options to select the layout options you need, image recovery options, table detection, headers and footers options and finally they ask to upload your file. For a newbie it is very difficult to understand. Probably too many options leads to confusion..

If you want to convert word to pdf, you may use Alt-Soft word to pdf converter as well!

I hope you guys liked my collection of free online pdf to word coverters. I know how it feels when you are searching for a thing like that and end up downloading softwares which just dont work. This post shall solve some of those problems.


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