rt73 usb wireless lan card

Ralinktech is the manufacturer and supplier of the Rt73 usb wireless Lan card. It has been in the market for the last 7 years and is very easy to use and hassle free wireless card. The basic problem with any lan card is loading it inside the internal cabinet. Most people are not comfortable with the idea of doing it. This card came with a flexibility of plug and play with very minimum installation requirement.

ralink rt73 features



Wifi test bed Ensured Interoperability
Windows 7 inbox driver Forward compatible to Win 7, inbox support
Cisco CCX 5.0 Certified foe Cisco Enterprise 5.0
WAPI support Compatible with China’s Security Standards
Complete WPA certification Latest Security and QoS feature for end user apps
Single WW SKU Simplified logistics / inventory
Low Power Consumption Longer Battery Life, higher reliability
End User diagnostics/ PC doctor Customer support and troubleshooting

rt73 driver installation instruction for Windows

After you have found your driver please ensure that it is installed correctly. Sometimes if this is not done as required it might create problems after installation.
  1. Download the driver from the official site mentioned above
  2. Double click the driver and press Next.
  3. Select the onscreen instructions.
  4. After Installation select Restart.
In some laptops and PC it has been found that the driver wont install or it would pop up a message that driver installation failed. For such cases contact your laptop manufacturer or check out the latest driver in their download section for your Laptop. For example if you have a Sony vaio, and you are unable to install Rt73 to it, you should check out the official driver section in the Sony Corporation website.

rt73 Driver Download for Windows 7

For windows 7 users the driver is preloaded with the installation disk. All you need to do is to plugin the device to your usb port and wait for few seconds to complete the automatic installation. After the installation is complete you need to provide the setting for the way the USB device is going to connect with the wireless connection available.

rt73 wireless driver download for Windows

You can download the required drivers from the official website here

rt73 wireless driver download for Linux

For Linux users you can should check this link for appropriate driver.

If you are still unable to install it on your system feel free to leave your problem in the comment section. I will look into it and get you the possible solution as fast as possible.

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