Google Global Market Finder To Help Indian Business Enterprises Go Global

The Indian business sector is set to receive a leg up with search engine giant Google launching Google Global Market Finder. This is a Global Market Finder Imagefree online tool for advertisers which will help them to discover overseas market and has been designed in order to help Indian business enterprises to expand their business and reach out to customers in the international market.

Addressing Traditional Barriers

The new tool by Google will help business enterprises to overcome their traditional barrier related to expansion of business overseas such as identifying the target audience, undertaking ad campaigns in local languages and translation of websites. This new tool will be available as a piece of Google Ads for Global Advertisers which is a new website for business enterprises to reach worldwide customers. One can access it in 43 languages.

The tool will be particularly useful for small and mid-sized (SMB) enterprises that cannot go global mainly due to lack of knowledge about the outside market and understanding the customer behavior. Business enterprises need to enter the keyword which best describes their products and then chose the region they want to explore.

The tool then automatically translates the keywords into any one of the 56 languages of the selected region and then gives a ranking of each location in terms of the opportunity. To use Google Global Market Finder, click here.

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