Chinese Govt Accused By Google For Interfering With Gmail Services

Search engine giant Google has blamed the Chinese government for interfering with one of its most popular services – Gmail. It is GMail Imageto be noted that Chinese Gmail users have complained that they are facing problems with the services which includes difficulty in sending mails and marking them as unread apart from other issues.

No Technical Issues On Google’s Part

The Mountain View, California based company has said that it has found no technical issues on its parts and according to The Guardian, the application set up by Google which helps people to locate their missing friends and relatives in the recent earthquake followed by tsunami in Japan have also been compromised with.

Notably, a blog posted by Google on March 11 said that it has noticed some politically motivated attacks on its users in the country. The posting also mentioned that the attacks were exploiting vulnerability in Internet Explorer and Google and Microsoft are working to address the problem.

Google and China have been at loggerheads ever since the former disclosed theft of intellectual property way back in January 2010. Chinese operations of Google commenced in 2005 but when the announcements of the company that it has been hacked, Google moved its operations to Hong Kong.

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