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Looking for a good word unscrambler to solve your word puzzles? Read on to know about some of the best websites and softwares that will help you unscramble words in a matter of seconds.

Unscrambling words

Word scramble games are highly popular on the net. Thousands of people download word games from the net to tickle their brain-cells with during pastime. It seems so many people out there get a kick solving word scramble puzzles. However, it does not seem fun when you are stuck up with complicated words in a puzzle that offers no solutions. It is equally annoying for people who are unable to solve the word jumble puzzle in the dailies. The problem is particularly faced by kids who need to solve anagrams to form meaningful words for their school projects. Even hours of poring over the dictionary may not be of much use with very complicated anagrams. Thankfully, web technology has solutions for much of your problems. There are many good softwares and websites that help you unscramble words without any effort.

Best Word Unscrambler Programs

Here is a list of some of the top online word jumble solvers. You can use these fantastic online programs to quickly solve all complicated letter arrangements.


This highly useful program will help you solve your newspaper puzzles or homework in no time. You have to enter the jumbled word in a field and press a button. The solution is immediately offered to you. Other than a word scramble solver, the site also provides you with

  • Dictionary – You need to enter to get its meaning, synonyms, antonyms and associated words.
  • Crossword Finder – You can find the missing word for your crossword puzzle with just one click.
  • Rhyme – Enter a word in a field to find the words rhyming with it.

There is also a forum to help you out. You can post a message at the board regarding any word you could not find out.

Website: Visit http://www.unscramble.net/ to access this program.

Anagram SolverWord unscrambler

This one is a great tool for all anagram lovers. If you love anagrams but have difficulties to unscramble letters to make words, this is what can help you. However, it comes with a word limit. You can only unscramble words that are up to 9 letters in length. You cannot solve words longer than 9 letters.

The program offers super fast results. Enter a word and hit the ‘Word unscramble’ button alongside. You will get the results in less than a second.

The site also contains links to online scrabbles, anagram puzzle descramblers and other word games.

Website: Go to http://www.specialist-online-dictionary.com/word-unscrambler.html to use this fabulous tool.

Zach’s Word Unscrambler

This fabulous program has a large database of 130,000 words. You can enter any jumbled word to get it in its proper order.The highlight of this program is its wild card feature. If you want to get the missing letter of a word, you can simply put in a wild card character like * in its place. The search result will offer you words with suggestions of correct letters to be put into that place. For ex, entering *abn gives you words like band, bane or barn. The results are displayed in red letters against a black background. This makes them easier to read.

Website: Go to http://www.zachwordunscrambler.com/ to use Zach’s Word Unscrambler.

Word Unscrambler

The program is targeted especially towards school children who need to solve anagrams for homework. But even grown-ups can use this to solve word puzzles. You have to put in a word in the long search box and press the ‘Lookup’ button. The results appear immediately and consist of words found in the US English dictionary.

Website: Visit http://homework.jhax.net/extra/Unscrambler.jsp#unscrambled and check out the program immediately.

Andy’s Anagram Solver

This simple website lets you type in a jumbled word in a search box and get it descrambled instantly. You can customize the search option. You can choose from English, Dutch or French dictionary. There is also the option to limit the solution or even get words with no limit.

Website: Check out http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html to get a taste of this awesome program.


Anagrammer is the perfect solution to most of your word puzzle problems. Be it scrabble or any other word game. You have to put in your scrambled word and hit the ‘Anagram it’ button. All meaningful words possible from the letter combination are displayed instantly in the results.

You can sort the results by scores or by length of words. Selecting results by scores is more advisable. This will generate results keeping the most relevant word on top.

You may have problems understanding the workings of the program. In that case, you can watch a video about how the program can be used. It is there in the middle section of the website. There

The program is currently in its version 2.0.

Website: Go to http://www.anagrammer.com/ to take a peek at this assistive program.

Text Twist Unscrambler

This is a program that offers you results at an exceptionally fast speed. Most complicated words are solved in less than a second. The results contain as many meaningful combinations of letters as possible.

The design of the website is very simple. It has only a search box where you can put in the word that you want to solve. The results are displayed in groups. The words in the results are separated into groups depending on the number of letters that they are formed with.

Once the results are shown, you have to use the back button of the browser to go back to the original page and use the program again.

There is also a link to the PHP source of the page. People, especially programmers, can check it to know more about the way the page has been set up.

Website: Check out this fast and easy program at http://grecni.com/texttwist.php.

Word Descrambler Software

Apart from online programs, you can also get a good word jumble solver software on the web. You can use this to find solutions to word scrambles offline. It is highly recommended for people who have computers but no internet facility at home.

Free Word Unscrambler Tool – 1.0

If you are tired of thinking how to unscramble words then this simple software tool finds solutions to your queries and anagrams. You can use this to unscramble jumbled letters in your unsolved anagram, scrabble, crosswords and similar puzzles. The software can also be used to submit your unscrambled anagrams to the website Anagrammy.com. The application is free to download. It can run on any computer than runs Windows 98 operating system and higher.

Website: You can download this free software from http://www.download32.com/word-unscrambler-tool-d48951.html.

These are some of the best word unscrambler programs and software on the web. Send us your feedbacks and let us know what you think of our compilation.

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