Use Flickr Images as Desktop Wallpapers with Fleace

I was searching for some Desktop tools and came across Fleace. It stands for Flickr-Enabled Automatic Changer for Everyone. From the name of the application you can easily say that it has got something to do with Flickr. Yes! Fleace is a free wallpaper changer which can retrieve Images from Flickr. The installation will add the application to the system startup process and it changes the wallpaper every time the system starts.


All you have to do is just select some tags and Fleace will retrieve Images from your Flickr account. The good thing is that it runs automatically at startup and then terminates. This will help you to save a lot of system resources. You can also select different options to make the image centered or stretched on your Desktop. The preview window shows how the wallpaper will look like and it also gives you the opportunity to select another image or cancel the change. You can set the countdown timer to 0 to make the application run completely invisible.

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