PicPick – All-in-one Design Tool With Capture Tool, Image Editor & Color Picker

Do you love to install a single application which can do multiple tasks for you? Then you should try installing PicPick Tools. PicPick Tools is an All-in-one Design Tool which will be very useful for designers. It has got many tools which will help you to capture screenshots, pick colors and do lot more things.


PicPick ia a freeware tool which has got many functionalities. It has got a capture tool which can be used to capture Active window, fixed region etc. The image editor can be used to make minor modifications to your images. You can use it to apply selections like blur, brightness, hue, saturation etc. Other tools that are included are Color Picker, Color Palette, Pixel Ruler, Screen Protractor, Crosshair and Screen Whiteboard. You can simply select the required tool from the system tray. PicPick is portable software; So you can use it directly on any computer or USB drive without any installation.

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  1. Preciso de uma ajuda, toda vez que inicialiso o meu pc abre o picpick, gostaria de saber como faço para tirar ele do meu pc

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