Optimize and Repair Internet Explorer Errors With Repair IE

I occasionally use Internet Explorer to browse the Internet. Most of the time I prefer to use Firefox. But if you an IE fan then Repair IE will be very useful for you. Repair IE is a simple, free and powerful repair software for Internet Explorer. It has got more then 60 essential and easy to perform repairs for your IE browser. With the help of Repair IE you can safely clean, repair and optimize the Internet Explorer registry with a few simple mouse clicks. The program has got lots and lots of options for you. By using this repair tool and fixing the registry errors frequently your IE browser should not only be more stable but it will also help you to improve the browser performance.

Optimize and Repair Internet Explorer Errors With Repair IE

I have seen many cases where Internet Explorer will start crashing or producing some errors for no apparent reason, especially if your windows system has been infected with spyware, malware and viruses that have damaged your computer. Most of the times it is necessary to fix Internet Explorer from time to time, once the viruses has been removed. In those cases you can use Repair IE.

Features of Repair IE

  • You can disable the IE HTML Source Editor Check.
  • Change the Download Location for ActiveX Files.
  • Force Plain Text Format in Internet Explorer.
  • You can launch Browser Windows in a Separate Process.
  • System-Wide Proxy Settings can be done easily.
  • Tweak with the Number of Simultaneous HTTP Sessions.
  • Change the Default Keep-Alive Time-Out in Internet Explorer.
  • Clear the Windows System HOSTS file.
  • Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages.

Repair IE works with Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista

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  1. I’m not sure if Repair IE zip, ever go downloaded as there was an error with my PDexplorer software. I’m having a terrible time with Internet Explorer. But I like this site. Thanks.

  2. I only use IE for downloading MS software which requires windows validation; and for OS updates. that’s it. after that IE is useless, no matter the tool to improve it.

    Firefox and Opera are years light on and are my favs.

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