Manage Clipboard Data With xNeat clipboard manager

If you are looking for an advanced clipboard manager then you can try xNeat Clipboard Manager. Though we have a built-in clipboard for Windows, it cannot save multiple data at the same time. xNeat Clipboard Manager is a freeware utility which solves the problem with the default windows clipboard by keeping track of all your copied data and giving you quick access to them.


xNeat clipboard manager is really a very simple utility which will be very helpful for everyone. Earlier I used to save all the data in a notepad and then use it when necessary. But now with the help of xNeat clipboard manager you can avoid all that and get the clipboard data very quickly. It captures the clipboard items as they are copied to the Windows Clipboard and you can simply bring up a menu containing all the previously copied items with a shortcut key and then you can select the item you want to use. You can even keep the regularly used text as a Sticky note.


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