Get Information about all the Apple products With MacTracker

Good news if you own a Mac and want to keep yourself up to date about the various products for Mac ever since they started making it. Yes you heard it right even I got surprised to have such an application that is free. Mactracker has the capability to provide the access to repository of such information. This basically is related to the products from Apple right from the time of its origin. For instance about the memory, speed of processing, drives (optical mostly). In addition to this you can also keep track of the graphic cards information if you love gaming.

Get Information about all the Apple products With MacTracker

Mactracker provides Mac OS versions compatibilities and supporting information. It also gives you a glimpse about the scanners, cameras, keyboards, display devices and mice from the Apple. iPhone 3G ,iPod and Apple TV are also included obviously. The Airport base stations, versions of Mac OS and Newton makes it a complete resource of such information. Search utility can help you to ride through section wise searching.

On the whole I found 15 new features in it. You can download one for Leopard, Tiger, Windows, Vista, iPod classic and Nano. I even found exlcusive versions for iPhone and iPod touch too. So it covers almost all kinds of users no matter whether you own really a Mac or not. I found it extremely useful and handy to keep myself familiar with Mac innovations as I am a strong admirer of it. Incase you are one then go get it.

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