Hide Active Windows Very Quickly With Clicky Gone

Sometimes hiding an open Window or an application very suddenly might be difficult. At times when you are at a public place or office you might want to hide the active window so that none can see it. In these situations you can use Clicky Gone. Clicky Gone is a simple freeware utility which can be used to hide any window just with a button press. It is a very good window hider application with no complicated options. With the help of Clicky Gone apart from hiding the windows you can also hide the tabs present on the task bar.


Clicky Gone allows you to assign hot keys to hide active windows. You can use the “Boss Key” to hide the active window and optionally mute the sound. You can use the shortcut keys to show the menus of the hidden windows. You can even hide the long running tasks in the background to save your desktop space.

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  1. If you think this is good, check out version 1.4.0 and the portable version. Nice little app you are…

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