Get More Information About Hyperlinks With Interclue

Interclue is a simple Firefox extension to know more about a link and moreover its free to download and use. The Add-on will display detailed information when you move your cursor over the links present in a webpage and you can even see a lot of information about the broken links, action buttons, malware and deadlinks. Phishing attacks can also be detected when you use it and hover over the links. You might be in a doubt that it takes more time to download the information for the webpages since the link information is also gathered and the bandwidth consumption will be increased. But surprisingly when used it, I found not much overhead and no reason to ignore it. I’m sure this will make you know more about a site.


Interclue is also useful in cases where a web page has lot of links. In such case it obviously time consuming to go through each of them to find the related ones then this will be handy by making things more easier with not much trade off in actual performance by showing a gist of the information. So for chained pages you can surf without a need to click the external links. One of its limitation which is reasonable and good thing is it does not load the entire page in case of excess content, not same with all the links. In addition to the features it is customizable with minimum resources needed. All you need to do is hover on a link and in no time an icon responds with the preview of the content. To be noted that its multi-platform and needs Firefox 1.5 and above to use.

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