Debug and Test Your Embedded Applications With Virtual Serial Ports Emulator

If you are working with embedded systems then you may sometimes require an application to emulate your serial port. if you are looking for such application then I suggest you to try Virtual Serial Ports Emulator. Virtual Serial Ports Emulator will help you to test and debug your applications very easily. Virtual Serial Ports Emulator is a FREEWARE program that works on all 32 bit platforms.


VSPE is designed mainly to help the software engineers, developers and testers to create, debug and test their applications that use serial ports. You can easily create various virtual devices to transmit and receive data. Unlike regular serial ports, virtual devices have special capabilities like, opening the same device more than once by different applications, that can be useful in many cases. With VSPE you can share the physical serial port data for several applications, expose serial port to local network, create virtual serial port device pairs and many more.

Features of Virtual Serial Ports Emulator

  • Virtual device: connector, data splitter and pairing.
  • Supports User mode devices like TcpServer, TcpClient, Serial Redirector, UDP Manager and Bridging.
  • x86 and x86_64 processor architecture support.
  • VSPE API (C/C++ header and static library) for native language developers.
  • VSPE API Python bindings for Python developers.

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  1. wah bagus banget programnya,kalo untuk parallel port ada gak yah…mo belajar bikin aplikasi control via parallel port nih


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