Stay Informed about Upcoming Bithdays With ContactKeeper

Now you will never forget to wish your best friends or close pals on their birthday with the help of ContactKeeper. ContactKeeper is a freeware program which can be used very easily as a personal information manager which provides you an integrated birthday reminder. It keeps you informed about all the upcoming birthdays of your family, friends and whoever you need. This software is really very useful for people like me who never remember anything.

stay-informed-about-upcoming-bithdays-with-contactkeeperContactKeeper is very simple and trouble-free program with few important fields. It is very easy to use this program, in which you can put unlimited quantity of numbers and e-mail addresses and every other extra information can be saved in the note field. The most important features of ContactKeeper are the birthday calendar, fast and easy navigation and a wide-ranging search utility. You can even export the files to (x) html or to a text file and mainly birthday reminder. ContactKeeper is available in 43 different languages. All the information you insert in ContactKeeper are stored in one database file called “ContactKeeper.mdb” which can be used in other applications also. Though it is not a great program you may find it useful at times.

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