Get Detailed Information about your Processor, Memory & Mainboard With Blackbox

If you need all the detailed information about your Processor, Memory and other System Components then you can try BlackBox. BlackBox is a simple freeware utility designed to tell you all the in-depth details about your computer. It can show you the details about Mainboard, Processor, Memory Modules, Video Card, Harddisk etc. You can also find information about Processor and Memory clock speeds and temperatures. BlackBox works with Vista also.

Get Detailed Information about your Processor, Memory & Mainboard With Blackbox

BlackBox Processor ID interface displays vital information about your processor such as manufacturer, model, socket type, version, revision, code name, supported instruction sets, number of cores, process technology, maximum speed, overclocking rate, multiplier, L1-L2-L3 cache capacities, current speed and temperature values and usage, even the official logo of your central processor with utmost accuracy.

Blackbox Memory Component displays information about your Memory modules. It can diplay information like maximum running speed, available timings, pre-installed SPD profiles, current speed, FSB:DRAM rates and memory speed rates. You can also find information about your Motherboard like PCI, AGP and ISA ports to BIOS manufacturer, version and date and many others. You can even test your different computer components with Blackbox.

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