45 Realistic Cracked and Broken Screen Wallpapers

Cracked Screen Wallpapers are a new way to freak people out! When set as a desktop background, these make you feel as if your PC screen has cracked up from the middle. Here are some cool broken screen wallpapers that you can use to give your friends and co-workers a little shock. Set any of these wallpapers onto your desktop and relish the look of horror on their faces! Trick your friends into believing you have broken your desktop screen. Better still, set one of these cracked screen wallpapers stealthily onto their PC screen and watch the fun!

osxpbear Image

Cracked_LCD_Screen_Wallpaper Image

Broken vista banana leaf Picture

Cracked Screen Record Wallpaper Image

Broken Car Screen Wallpaper Image

Apple Broken Screen Background Wallpaper Picture

Higurashi Broken Screen Photo

Broken Dark Screen Image

Broken Screen Picture

Broken Laptop Screen Photo

Broken Screen Wallpaper Image

Broken Screen Wallpaper Picture

Black Cracked Screen Picture

Broken Screen Face Image

Images of Broken Screen

Broken Screen Wallpaper Photo

Broken windows Glass Desktop Picture

Cracked Screen Background Image

Cracked Screen Desktop Wallpaper Photo

Cracked Screen Image

Broken Glass Wallpaper Picture

Broken Screen Wallpaper Image

Broken Windows 7 Screen Wallpapers Photo

Cracked Mud Wallpaper Picture

Cracked Screen Wallpaper Image

Broken Screen House Picture

Broken Screen Wallpaper Image

Cracked Screen Picture

Planet Broken Screen Wallpaper Photo

Cracked Screen Wallpaper Image

Broken Screen Wallpaper Picture

Cracked Screen Wallpaper Image

Cracked Window Wallpaper Photo

Cracked Wood Wallpaper Image

Broken Glass Cracking Desktop Picture

Broken Glass Quaddles Image

Broken Glass Stock Photo

Broken Wallpaper Image

Cracked Screen Wallpaper Picture

Cracked Wallpaper Photo

Windows 7 Broken Wallpapers Picture

Cracked Wallpaper Darknets Photo

Broken Windows 7 Wallpaper Picture

Vista Broken Wallpaper Image

Jabulani Broken Screen Picture

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  1. My laptop screen has cracked twice and this isn’t realistic at all. It doesn’t look cracked because the screen is plastic in almost all PCs newer than 2000. The components in the screen that mix the light and color are what break causing totally messed up effects on the screen.

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