Mozilla Development Team Releases Aurora 6

Mozilla Development Team Releases Aurora 6

Mozilla has advanced Firefox with Aurora 6 which is a pre-release of Firefox 6. Mozilla Project development team said that the Firefox Logorelease in the Aurora channel incorporates a number of new features which are aimed towards improving performance of the browser and giving users more control over their browsing. Aurora 6 features additional support for HTML5, DOM level 3 and networking technologies among others. At the same time it also has features tools for developers.

Support For WebSocket Protocol Re-Introduced

Aurora 6 also supports WebSocket Protocol which was withdrawn by Mozilla due to security apprehensions. It is to be noted that WebSocket Protocol allows permanent connection between server and clients. A feature known as “Data Management Window” has been introduced on an experimental basis. Through Panorama Groups Startup Time has also been enhanced.

You can download Aurora 6 by clicking here. Users are also encouraged to report the bugs they find and provide feedback regarding it.

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