What Is qtcf.dll ?

After digging deep inside Google, and searching for its acronym extension, we guessed it to be “Quick Time Conversion File”.  “Qtcf” file is used for converting Apple Quick time format to inter convertible extensions recognized by windows platform. This is the sole dll file, which is associated with Apple codec and is responsible for converting them to other supported extensions for windows framework.

qtcf.dll Download

Never download dll and exe files from third party website until it is utmost necessary. Always check the supplier or vendor responsible for providing you the program. Qtcf can be officially downloaded from QuickTime website. You cannot explicitly download the qtcf.dll directly from anywhere but you can find it inside the “C:\Program Files\Apple” and use it as required.

qtcf.dll Missing

A missing qtcf file can lead to many different types of error relating to media file conversions. Generally these errors are not limited to the above mentioned field, but they can also be found while using some applications which require this file to function properly. Many media players might throw “qtcf.dll is missing”, error message if they are asked to play the file extensions which are associated with Apple codec. Let us see some important areas where our windows operating system mighty throw this error:

qtcf.dll Is Missing Photoshop

Photoshop requires qtcf.dll for converting file formats for ease of use under windows platform. Say for example, if we have developed a video file under some extension and we want it to be exported as an MOV file, the qtcf.dll file is the one which will be required to convert the file. Now with transition from previous age old iTunes version to the latest apple codec innovation, the installation procedures have changed. Earlier they use to install the qtcf.dll file inside the system32 folder along with the native apples own program files folder, but now they just don’t do it. So in order to overcome this problem just copy the qctf file from “C:\Program Files\QuickTime”   to  “C:\Windows\System32”.

Many adobe premiere users are having a hard time overcoming this problem. So for them I would say this will help them overcome it. Just Copy paste the qtcf.dll file and you are done.

qtcf.dll is Missing Windows 7

So now for windows seven users this will be the same trick as mentioned above. The qtcf.dll file should be inside the “C:\program files\Apple” folder. Now just copy the qtcf dll to the system root directory i.e “C:\Windows\System32” and you are done. Remember to copy and paste not cut and paste. You will have to have this file in both apple and system32 folders. Now if you still have the same problems try uninstalling apple QuickTime and reinstall it and again copy the said file to the mentioned location. This should solve your problem.

qtcf.dll Not Found

Whenever the windows shows an error in such manner, it means that the required file necessary is either missing or corrupt and hence it could not make the program to work. So the best possible solution will be to copy the file required to the searched folder. For getting an updated qtcf.dll file reinstall apple quick time and copy the qtcf.dll file to System32 folder as mentioned above. This will definitely solve your problem. Remember qtcf.dll iTunes are inseparable, so you will need to have them both in the mentioned directory.

qtcf.dll Realplayer

Real player updated its version few days back and now there is this issue with QuickTime codec. While you are browsing through the net, there have been some of the glitches but it works fine, but when you try to convert them this error pops out of nowhere. We tried to contact with real player for the support but for the time being they just asked us to wait. So what is the solution? Just get an older version of the player and copy the qtcf.dll from the apple folder inside program files to “program files\Real Player” folder. Wait till they release the patch.

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