Drwtsn32.exe – Fix Failed to Initialize Properly Error

Are you frustrated with drwtsn.exe error messages poping up every time you start or shut down your system? You might also be pinched with varied messages from drwtsn while starting some applications or in the midst of working with some programs and it just freezes your system or in most cases crashes many times !!! This article is meant for solving every sort of problems related with drwtsn.exe process.

What is drwtsn.exe?

There are many things which this process is meant to handle under windows operating systems but most importantly this process is responsible for gathering information about your System (Both hardware and software) whenever an error pops up.
Now you might think why this information is collected and what good it might be for you. The information collected is stored in drwtsn.log file which can be found under your root installation directory (In most cases “C:” drive). This log file is used by technical support persons to help you get rid of that particular error which led your program to crash.
So now you know that drwtsn.exe is a process that handles logging the error message and status of your system whenever an error is populated in your windows system. This drwtsn.log file is also automatically scanned by windows Microsoft error reporting services while you are troubleshooting on-line and the Microsoft server automatically redirects to the specific help page without any hassle and the solution is at your fingertips. voila !!

drwtsn.exe location information

Since its a system file, its obvious to be stored inside the system root folder i.e “System32” directory. The absolute path
is: “C:\Windows\System32”.
I have seen many people searching for drwtsn.exe for windows seven and complaining that they are unable to find neither the aforesaid process nor drwtsn32.exe. Windows 7 has actually renamed “drwtsn.exe” to “drwatson.exe” and has no direct interface to communicate with this process in comparison to Xp which provides it with “drwtsn32” typing in the “run” command directly.
Please note that do not try to delete or shred this file, as this will only make your windows system more
unstable. For proper troubleshooting procedures follow the instructions mentioned below.

Common drwtsn.exe error messages

There are many different types of error messages related to drwtn.exe but the most common one is that “dll initialization failed”. Other error messages includes “application failed to initialise because the (some name).dll file was not found”, “application error” etc. Not to forget the most irritating one “dwwin.exe failed to initialize because the computer is shutting down.”
Error Message dr Watson
One more thing to remember here is that dwwin.exe is more like and executable interface of Microsoft Dr. Watson app debugger which is also known as drwtsn32.exe or more popularly as drwatson.exe

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