Check Site Position & Track it With Free Automatic SEO TOOL by ExactFactor

I was actually looking for an automated and easy to use online SEO tool which will help me to increase my sites ranking on top search engines like Google and Yahoo. After searching for quite a while I found ExactFactor. ExactFactor Ranking Tool is a very simple and reliable SEO tool which will help you to check your website position in various search engines for specific keywords that you are looking for. This tool lets you analyze your website rank in your preferred search engines like Google.*, Yahoo.* and Live.*.


Instead of using complicated tools which will confuse you it is very much better to use ExactFactor Ranking Tool which will find your website position on search engines very quickly and displays the results simply and clearly. The good thing about the tool is that it can track your website position constantly and will provide you a scheduled search engine optimization report. You can even track your competitor’s website positions relative to your website. This will help you to analyze the keywords for which you are ranking lower than your competitors. The Keyword Analysis results page also includes additional information like total backlinks and indexed pages.


With ExactFactor SEO&GO you can get an email alert when your position for a keyword is changed or when your competitor has passed you. You will even get an alert when you have reached the first page on Google for a certain keyword.


  1. I would definitely need it as I am toying around with various homepage keyword combos…

    (Actually I was thinking of writing a tool like this because Google Monitor that I use was only supporting Google)

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