Miro Internet TV – The free open-source video platform To Watch HD Videos

Do you love to watch free Internet TV. Then you should Install Miro. Miro is free software which helps you to watch the Internet Video Channels. You can view the Online TV channels in full screen. The interface is very neat. There are more than a thousand free video channels on the Internet. So you can watch them for free with Miro. Miro can also automatically grab the new channels that are added to the Internet. Currently Miro is available for Windows, MAC OS X, Ubuntu. There are also versions for other Linux flavors like Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Pardus.

Miro has got lot of features like Playing Any Video File, High-Definition (HD) Full screen videos, Thousands of Channels, Saving YouTube Videos, Downloading BitTorrent Files and many more.

Miro works pretty well with HD content. SO you watch many HD videos in Full Screen Mode. Miro can play many file formats like Divx, MPEG, Quicktime, AVI, H.264, Windows Media, Flash Video and many others. You can easily set Your Preferences very easily. So Miro plays the videos based on your preferences. You can easily configure a remote control to work with Miro. There are also lots of keyboard shortcuts to use. You can easily organize your playlists with Miro. You can create a playlist and add all your favorite videos to that. Miro can automatically search your computer and all the videos to your collection.

With Miro you can download video files from BitTorrent sites. You can download your favorite videos from the feeds. The good thing I liked about is, you can set up some space for Miro and when the space is completed it will not download any additional files. Miro currently supports many feeds. So you can easily subscribe to the fees present on the Internet and watch them. You can set for an Auto-Download where all the new videos from a feed are downloaded automatically as and when they are added. Miro is translated to more than 40 languages. So you can use the application in your own language. Miro is free, open-source software (it is licensed under the GPL). With Miro you can search for videos present in MetaCafe, YouTube, Google Video and many more.

If you use Windows, MAC OS X or Ubuntu. You can Download Miro from Here.

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