World’s Slimmest MP4 Player with 4GB

Recently I was searching for some slim MP4 players and found a really good one. I was thinking that Apple iPod Nano is very slim. But this MP4 player from Component Warehouse is really very thin. The fourth gen iPod Nano is 6.08mm thick whereas this slimmest MP4 player is 4.5mm. The player works with Windows 98 SE and above, Mac OS 9.2 and above.

Features of this MP4 Player-
– Supports touch buttons,
– 1.8 inch screen,
– 4GB of memory,
– Screen Resolution is 160×128 Pixels,
– Has built in Microphone and Radio,
– Rechargable batteries,
– Supports MP4, MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV formats for music playback through bundled earphones,
– Compatible with both Windows and Mac computer,
– Uses USB 2.0 as the transfer interface.
– Its dimensions are 85×54×4.5mm; hence it is definitely the world’s thinnest MP4 player as of now.

If you happen to come across a player slimemr than this then do drop your comments here..

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