Sylvania G Little Netbook – The Next Generation of Personal Productivity

The producer of many other consumer electronics Sylvania has now come up with a mini notebook . The results were however not so impressive and the product is a direct counter act to the PC 900 from ASUS with a screen of 8.9 inches and shipped with Linux operating system and smaller keys that are not so comfortable. Some things were like a nightmare for example the arrow keys were about 12mm and too thin. The Netbook’s only strong point is the Linux OS of Ubuntu flavour which is considered to be the most stable and simplest of all. For naive user it would be a hopeless thing.

It was found to be difficult when attempted to install Ubuntu on this Netbook. It came across some unexpected things to happen when done so. The battery status was shown incorrect,media player didn’t work fine,codec couldn’t be installed properly and when was booted a blank screen came up. The specifications were not so appropriate like it has a hard drive instead of a flash storage,available in many colors and has 2 USB ports. The style is childish and much heavier than expected and just can be ignored.

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