Panasonic DMP BD30k 1080p Blu Ray Disc Player Review & Specs

With high-definition becoming the keyword, Blu Ray Discs have become the preferred format for viewing movies and videos. Trust the Panasonic to jump into the HD bandwagon with its own Blue-Ray Disc Player. Check out the full review of the new Panasonic DMP BD30k 1080p Blu Ray Disc Player.

Panasonic DMP BD30k Full Review

Gone are the days when clear pictures were all that one expected in TV viewing. Technological progress has changed everything and that includes our TV watching. The craze for clearer picture is now being met with high definition videos. All you need is a high-definition television (HDTV) at home. 1080p is the best resolution today. If you have a 1080p HDTV, the DMP BD30k from Panasonic is the one you should opt for.

Panasonic DMP BD30k Design

The all-black Panasonic DMP BD30k boasts a sleek, compact look. With 12.4 x 16.9 x 2.4 inches in dimension, the player can be kept just about anywhere and does not need much space. It weighs 9.9 pounds but expectedly, we found the shipping weight a little higher. Looks wise, its rival LG BD 370 has a glossier finish. But DMP BD30k scores with its own compact design.

panasonic dmp bd30k 1080p blu ray disc player
Panasonic DMP BD30k 1080p Blu Ray Disc Player

Panasonic DMP BD30k Video Processor

The BD30k Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player is loaded with the Precise Digital Video processor, UniPhier. A combination of PHL Reference Chroma Processor and high-speed P4HD imaging technology, the UniPhier changes your TV viewing into an unparalleled experience. We were mightily satisfied with the picture quality. The images are razor-sharp and lifelike making your Hollywood blockbusters come alive on the screen. We saw ‘The Sound of Music’ Blu Ray edition and it felt we were dining with Julie Andrews. Yes, it was that clear. We read that the HDMI output is Deep Color compatible. That explains the smoothness of the images.

Panasonic DMP BD30k Sound Quality

The presence of DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD audio takes care that the images are well-complimented with great sound. The audio quality was rich and in a closed door environment, it is almost a theatre experience. We strained our ears to listen for noises, but the audio was flawless indeed. Action or adventure movie buffs can expect a great time with the surround sound quality. We tried some personal HD videos on it and it worked fine. The images as well as the sound were amazing. However, it is unable to decode high-resolution audios. You need a dedicated AV receiver for that.

Panasonic DMP BD30k Standout Features

The DMP BD30k truly gets an edge with its SD Memory card extension. You can plug your microSD into the slot and play music files and view JPEG images. The videos must be in AVHCD format to be played. There are other advanced features like Picture-in-picture and Audio Mixing. It can also play ‘BonusView’ discs. But it lacks some nextgen features like built-in Wi-Fi, onboard memory and Netflix streaming that some competitors have been offering.

Panasonic DMP BD30k Remote

The player comes with a sleek, slim remote. The curved back lets it fit easily into your hands and hold it for long hours without difficulty. The buttons are big and easy to read. This spells good news for people with vision problems. However, the remote lacks a backlight which makes it difficult to operate in a dark room with only TV light.

Panasonic DMP BD30k Performance

The BD30k Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player gives you rock solid performance. The image clarity and audio quality satisfied our expectations. We also liked its functioning speed. The start-up time for disc-playing period is completed within seconds, though some rivals are faster. The menu navigation was well-designed and very easy. Though the player worked fine with our TV, we heard about some issues regarding the firmware. Some guys we know had trouble running the player on TV with HDMI. The connection was lost for a few seconds and resumed again. This happened for quite a few times. Luckily we did not suffer from it. We guess the LCD make has a role to play in this.

Panasonic DMP BD30k Price

The Panasonic DMP BD30k 1080p Blu Ray Disc Player is available at a shipping price of $343.87.

Final Take

The Panasonic DMP BD30k 1080p Blu Ray Disc Player gives you great value for money. Smartly priced, it is a great buy. The advanced features may be absent. But the BD30k makes up for them with its amazing, razor sharp images, surround sound and fast performance.  Together with the Panasonic DMP BD 60, the BD30k packs quite a punch in the HD Blu Ray DVD Player segment. You can go for this blu ray disk player. 

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