No More Popping Next Door; Spy Kite Is Here

Have you heard about a gadget which can spy for you by just flying a kite? Have you heard about a spy kite? If no, then here it is. A kite with a camera to take pictures from top. So, no more popping out your head over the fence to check what is happening next door. Only pop out virtually with this kite for as much as 25 meters.

What is Spy Kite ?

spy kite

This spy kite gadget takes digital images by opening up a miraculous aerial panorama. It has tiny digital camera attached to it and it is directly connected to your remote control through the string of the kite.

In this spy kite gadget you will not get any display on the remote control, but it will of course take clear ariel pictures wherever you make it fly.

Image Capturing Details of Spy Kite

The gadget is of high performance and it is light weight. It can be pre programmed to capture images at 15, 30, 60 or 90 second intervals. There can be stored 25 pictures at the highest resolution of 640 x 480. If 320 x 200 resolution is used then 305 pictures can be stored. It has a 4MB of in built memory but unfortunately it cannot be upgraded with an SD card or equivalent.

Image Transferring Details of Spy Kite

For getting the captured pictures you need a Windows based PC that run either XP or Vista and the images are transferred through USB.

Spy Kite Features

  • Fibreglass frame
  • Ripstop 52 grams
  • Spy Kids not included

Spy Kite Specifications

  • Dimensions: Height: 4.0cm Width: 120.0cm Depth: 60.0cm
  • Weight: 0.052Kg
  • Age Limit for Using : 3 years +

Price Tag : $89.95 (the kite n the camera). More Details.

This is one of the best examples of fusion technology that I have ever seen. It has made the use of natural resource with technology.

Keep reading and do keep commenting as many of you are doing it. We will always come with some more exciting and interesting gadgets.

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