Motorola H15 Headset With CrystalTalk and Noise Suppression Technology

The Motorola H15 Bluetooth headset has got some unique features. It not only has the Motorola’s industry favorite noise suppression technology CrystalTalk but it also has a great flip microphone which permits you to start using the headset by just flipping the microphone open. So by just flipping the Motorola H15 Bluetooth headset open you can use the microphone.

This flip mechanism shall never leave you wondering whether or not you have powered the Motorola H15 headset by mistake.

This handset appears to be attractive due to its great design and size. This handset further supports a high quality wind suppression technology for those people who use their phones in noisy environments. The Motorola H15 is said to provide you with a talk time of one hour for a 15 minute charge.

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One Comment

  1. I have been using my Moto HS805 for several years now.
    I loved being able to use a AAA battery but hated the size.
    I bought the H15 and I love it!
    The sound is clearer than the HS805.
    When I’m driving with my windows down, I don’t hear that
    tell-tale hiss; neither do the people I am speaking to.
    It’s so light, I sometimes forget I’m wearing it.
    I did buy the H12 from Costco a few months back;
    Hated It!
    I would recommend this headset to anyone using bluetooth!

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