HTC Mobiles Coming Soon with Google Android – An Open Handset Alliance Project

Thanks to blogs that track well the progress, trends in the mobile phones market. Similarly it was mentioned that AndroidGuys which reflects the Google’s endeavor to bring phones to the use of consumers which would be obviously run by the Android Mobile OS from them. It was the foremost site to talk about the appearance of the phone and later it even posted that the Android based phone will be from HTC, a well know mobile phones maker from Taiwan. It is scheduled to be released in the Wireless industry trade show to be held at San Francisco by the name G1.

To confirm all these details when enquired found them to be two guys working with T-Mobile which is supposed to be the wireless carrier for these phones. The information was given to them by most of the developers working on Android and who are curious about it. All these tips they post do influence the Google Rank making it to have more visits. For instance it was found that there were about a 0.1 Million user visiting the site last week which was 10,000 a month ago. It is to be noted that Google does care about this site and had an eye on it.

A Nextel execute even called up after reading the post and conveyed his interest to use Android as software for one of its phone by next year. When the guys expected to get a command from their superiors to shut the blog instead got the response from their employer T-Mobile that they are regularly tracking the site and felt it could be helpful to them when they wanted to do in the future. So as a result of all these conversations and events make the tip of having a Google phone with Android working in it might be true in the near future.

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  1. Even I was eagerly waiting for the Google Android Mobiles. I read that HTC will be releasing them soon.

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