Fully Rugged Toughbook Computers from Panasonic

Businessmen with tough needs for Laptop usage now can go for Toughbook from Panasonic which is made to do all you want for your work especially for business needs. Surprisingly they can survive through 3 foot height drops and can stand against shocks and vibrations than can be violent and intense. This operates fine and normal at temperatures ranging right from -20 F to above 140 F which is more than enough to survive extreme condition possible with day to day conditions and even with more atmospheric pressure. This tough book had been through some really unbelievable tests that proves them to be rugged toughbooks and unlike any other toughbooks. The models are basically available in 2 variants Toughbook 19, Toughbook 30 and Toughbook wireless display is of similar type.

80GB shock-mounted removable HDD in stainless steel case is provided in both the toughbooks of 19 and 30 models. Mobile broadband and GPS capable, Mobile broadband ready for Alltel, Sprint and AT&T and for verizon wireless networks, comes with sealed all-weather design, Intel Centrino processor for 19 version and with Intel Core 2 Duo processor for 30 model, packed with Windows Vista Business and with downgrade option to windows XP which will be very useful for its admirers, To affirm your expectation it has passed all MIL STD durability tests like dropping, shaking etc.

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